Monday, November 12, 2007

It's practically the South Pole around here...

What with N... dressing like a penguin for Halloween, and then the following conversation of this morning...

Me (noticing a large wet spot on O...'s pajama pants) -- O., why are you all wet?

O...-- (no answer)

Me -- Did you pee in your pants?

--I should note here that he was wearing a diaper, which means there had to be a LOT of peeing going on here in order for this spot to occur. It also means that since he had already been up for a half hour without a diaper change that this large wet spot is not entirely his fault--

O. - No answer

Me -- Buddy, why didn't you tell me you needed to go? Isn't that uncomfortable? I sure wouldn't want to have my pants all wet like that.

O. -- Mom, you just have to waddle. You know, yike a penguin.

Yet more proof that we are making very little progress on the potty training front around here.

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mep said...

What with today's super-absorbent diaper technology and the toddler's willingness to waddle, I have many anxieties about starting the potty training adventure at my house!