Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not to put too fine a point on it

So, the new season of Project Runway starts tonight! I've missed Tim Gunn "making it work" -- his makeover show didn't quite cut it for me. Tonight's premiere got a poor review in the paper, but it seemed to be more beef with the challenge than the potential of the designers for entertainment, so here's hoping there is some interesting drama waiting to unfold.

While you're at your television viewing tonight, I want to put a plug in for Pushing Daisies. If you're trying to cram in as much original (scripted) programming as you can before the writer's strike really starts cramping your television style and we have to watch something like "The Farmer Takes a Wife" reality style instead (you think I'm joking, but no: look), I'd put this on your DVR.

Pushing Daisies is not for you if you have little tolerance for "cute" or "quirky" Sometimes I even think it's trying too hard to be sweet and strange. I mean, one episode was centered around crash test dummies and had a dandelion decorated theme. Ned, the main character with magical abilities, gets on my nerves a little, but maybe if my life had been formed around touching corpses and handling rotten fruit all day, I might be a little strained too. Chuck is just a little too happy, but she did get brought back from the dead. Actually, it's the supporting characters that hold interest on this show for me. I love Chuck's aunts, his private eye partner in (solving) crime, and most of all, Kristen Chenoweth's character Olive. She bursts into song all the time, just as I imagine Kristen Chenoweth doing in real life, and one whole episode was a nod to her amazingly small stature, imagining her with a past life as a jockey! The whole show is colored with vivid technicolor, like something out of Oz, and though it's all a bit TOO much -- a village made of retired windmills and an jeweled eyepatch on Swoosie Kurtz -- the show won me over forever when they devoted about 10 minutes of an episode to simply setting up a scene where Olive and one of the aunts could sing They Might Be Giants "Birdhouse in your Soul" in the backseat of a car. I'll overlook some of the ridiculousness for the chance at another moment of pure TV enjoyment like that.


Actchy said...

So, I'm a friend of MEP's and linked to your blog through Not to Brag. I have secretly been lurking and enjoying your writing. When I saw the post heading today, I had to comment just because before I could even process what I was reading, my mind sang "say I'm the only bee in your bonnet." And anyone who blogs TMBG references is someone to whom I have to say hello.

Also I like to offer support to MEP-inspired bloggers. Because I’m one of them. And I know how fun it is to get comments.

Keep writing!

mep said...

I am so ready to make it work with Tim and Heidi but I'm not planning to watch my DVR-ed episodes right away. I'm going to be like a squirrel and hoard nuts in preparation for the winter's writer's strike.

I'm still not thinking Pushing Daisies is my thing, but your review was quite compelling. I'm all for moments of pure television joy.

Like Actchy, your post makes me want to finish the TMBG song. It also makes me want to purchase all the songs from Flood from itunes. In college, I taped my roommate's copy of it. For years, I sang along to TMBG in my car. Now I'm off to ponder what it really means to make a little birdhouse in one's soul.

One more thing, I cannot express my delight to see two "MEP-inspired" bloggers interfacing! How lucky am I to have such creative, talented friends?