Friday, November 9, 2007


Speaking of my home, I'm going to have to admit one of my downfalls when it comes to housekeeping. There are many, but the worst revolves around shoes. Back when my husband and I lived together in a much smaller house, he once came upstairs and said "Nine. The number is nine." Mystified, I asked him to elaborate. He just pointed me in the direction of the landing at the bottom of our stairs. Lined up in neat rows were nine, yes nine, pairs of my shoes. This was not the emptied contents of my closet, but rather, the accumulated shoes from probably only one week of kicking them off in various places around the house.

I have gotten quite a bit better at this habit of cluttering the house up with my shoes, partly due to my attempt to keep my floors clean by takings shoes off at the garage door when entering the house. (one of the aforementioned downfalls is that I only scrub the floors when there are visibly disgusting stains) I share this story because this morning, I did a quick cleanup of my downstairs, moving various misplaced items back to where they belonged. This sweep included four pairs of my own shoes. But it also included two pairs of my daughter's shoes. She, by the way, is nine weeks old.

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mep said...

I too like to kick my shoes off at various places in the house. It is convenient though as I also prefer to wear shoes whenever I have to get something done and it's good to have a selection handy. I can't clean without wearing shoes, nor can I write a blog post. Keep kicking!