Friday, November 16, 2007

That's the kind

Yesterday, while waiting for Daddy to come home, with dinner mostly prepped and ready for last minute stirring and serving, and O. playing with his "car rug" I thought I might be able to get in a few minutes of the free rice game whild holding N. Unfortunately, the computer radar perked in O's head.

O: Are you looking at pictures, Mommy?
N: No, not right now.
O: I want to sit on ur lap.
Me: I'm holding N. right now, bud.
O: I can sit on THIS leg.
Me: Okay, fine.
O: I want some candy.
Me: You can either sit on my lap, or you can have candy. I can't do both.
O: Yes, lap AND candy.

He proceeded to prove to me that this was indeed possible, but standing on my leg, reaching across his sister and the counter and pulling the basket of remaining Halloween candy over to us. I pulled the closest package out, a fun size peanut M&M.

Me: Here you go -- these are M&Ms.
O: M&M's??!!! (mixture of glee and wonderment)

I hand him an orange one. He pops it in his mouth, leaves it there for a second, then pops it back out, rolling down his pant leg leaving an orange trail.

O: That's not an M&M!
Me: Yes it is -- it has a peanut in it. You like peanuts. Try it.

I pop it back in his mouth. I'm so used to getting this child to eat food, now I'm prodding him to eat candy?? This time, he spits it out, and it lands on my mouse pad, rolls across the desk.

O: I want a real M&M!

I give in and hand him a few from a previously opened package.

O: Oh, yes. You know what I mean. THIS is the kind.

Then he climbed down off my lap.

O: Mommy, I want to watch a show!
N: Not right now, bud, it's almost time for dinner.
O: Mommy, no fussing!

And that's how it goes in the half hour before dinner.

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mep said...

Mommy, no fussing. That is classic!