Monday, December 3, 2007

Is that a good idea?

Or, more happenings in the world of O-speak:

In the car, Daddy is singing one of his favorite Kindermusik songs, after the track has ended. ("Go Round the Mountain tony-diddle tony-diddle tony-diddle eye day", for those of you in the know and interested) O. says quite emphatically -- "Daddy, that song is over. Don't sing it."

I'm singing to N. on the couch, first Patty Cake which draws no notice from O. playing with his dump truck. Then I start in on Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the dump truck stops in its tracks. "Hey, that's MY song."

After finding his toy pliers, the latest necessary "in the bed while he goes to sleep" object, after they have been missing for several naps and nighttimes. "Okay, put my pwiers on the bed for in the morning time."

Finding a book that has "mysteriously" been "lost" for a while under his bed, O. says, "Now here's the deal. You find the shapes, and then you draw them. That's how you do this one. Vamiose!* We go down on the couch and do this. That's the deal."

On the phone to Great-Grandma, hours after a shopping expedition to Kohls wherein we looked for new slippers as a Christmas gift. "Great Grandma, we bought you something!"

At Ruby Tuesday, to the waitress as we are trying to get our check to leave before N. wakes up. (Yes, I now have one of those babies that stays under the blanket in the car seat during meals in restaurants, like an extra piece of luggage, rather than a squalling extra appendage to my body. Who'd have thought it?)
"I am still working!" He then gives her the very evil eye, complete with raised eyebrow, and looks protectively at his plate of chicken and fries, from which he has only eaten ketchup for the half hour we've been there.

"I am going to put toys in my dump truck and drive them. Is that a good idea?" Sure, and thanks for asking. Except I didn't realize this meant dumping the entire contents of a toy basket into the dump truck, with anything that wouldn't fit spilling out into a pile around it.

Regarding his blanket (which really deserves its own post) --

  • Finding it in the basket of clean clothes I am folding: "My blanket is clean? I am so happy, oh I am so happy!" A happy dance and an extended period of rubbing of his face into the satiny side ensues.
  • Wrapping it about his shoulders: "I am the king!"
  • Wrapping it about his waist: "I am all dressed, now."
  • Putting it on his head, so that one point protrudes from his forehead. "I have a snout. A tooth. Grrrrrrr..." He then proceeds to poke said snout/tooth into his sister's forehead.

*AKA: "vamonos", courtesy of Dora -- have I mentioned we watch a little too much TV around here?


mep said...

Here's the deal: love, love, love the O Speak.

Anonymous said...

Great Grandma AND Grandma's hearts melted when he told G. Granma about the shopping and DIDN't spoil the surprise!