Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mom says we needed powdered donuts

This is really a post for Uncle A.

Today was our first first snow, and while I can no longer hope for snow days, (something I was able to do well into adulthood, thanks to my job teaching high school English -- the rituals surrounding the hope of a snow day among teachers is a definite postworthy topic) I can go outside to play in the snow. O. ran to the window this morning and proclaimed that the snow was "EVERYWHERE!" So, soon after breakfast, we started the process of getting all the clothes on necessary to play in our Cincinnati snow -- blades of grass still poking through the whiteness. It was a scene out of "Christmas Story" trying to get both kids into their snowsuits/hats/mittens/boots, and involved at least three trips up and down stairs to get all the requisite items. Fortunately, O. had an attention span for the snow play, so we weren't right back in two minutes later. He enjoyed filling his bucket with snow and making "sand castles" and making tracks in the snow with his bubble mower. We also chased Scout around with "snowbulbs" (they really DIDN'T look like balls, I guess). We have not yet mastered the snow angel. Finally, when cheeks were very red and noses were very runny, we headed inside to peel off the wet clothes in the laundry room, and I got to make O. his first post-snow hot chocolate, complete with a small side cup of mini marshmallows, and a twisty straw to drink it from. O. reported "I like hot chocolate. I like to bubble it. See the tower of bubbles?"


mep said...

We played in the snow too, but I'm the one who cut it all short, having forgotten my gloves and being reluctant to go back inside once I finally managed to get the bub in his boots and snowsuit. The bub took off his own gloves and then seemed put out when he felt the snow with his bare hands, like, "Hey, no one told me this would be cold."

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