Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ah yes, grasshopper...

I just came downstairs from an attempt to get O. to take a nap, and while I've lately been avoiding turning the monitor on for the first half hour of nap time, for some reason I turned it on today. He is currently singing the following song: "Mommy and Daddy are the boss. I am just the little boy. Seven, Blastoff! Mama, Mama, Mama, Mom. I am awake. Old MacDonald has a big farm."

Earlier today, we got his haircut. I didn't have to hold him on my lap this time, but I did have to hold a stiff arm to his chest to keep him on the booster the whole time, and he got really quiet and sad, like something terrible was being done to him. This from the boy who drapes towels and blankets around me and his sister anytime they are lying around, and spends at least ten minutes at a time pretending to cut our hair with his fingers. He even usually tells me I can have a balloon at the end of these sessions because I was good.

Also included in our morning errands was a stop to pick up a registration form for a preschool. When I got home, I realized this form was available for download online, so I'm really glad I dragged both children in through the security checkpoints and fish tank distractions to get it.

We got air in our tires, and either I am dumb and couldn't figure out the machine, or the air pump was just about the poorest design I've ever seen, because the hose did not reach around my car to the far tires, so I had to get back in the car and move it to get the second two filled. Not to mention that I had to pay 75 cents for AIR. At least the flat tire light is finally out on my dashboard.

We went to the library, got some new books, gave my regular donation of overdue fines, played with the dinosaurs and pretend cookies for a while, and then loaded back into the car. O. refused to sit flat in his car seat at first, because "something is hurting my body." I stood him up, looked for foreign objects in the seat and found none. He was feeling his pants, so I checked out his Pull-Up, couldn't find any major wrinkles, told him nothing seemed to be wrong, and was he okay now? "Mom, I think there is a grasshopper in there."

The song upstairs has ended, and N. and I are now listening to an audiobook, toddler style. One of the books we picked at the library today is called Henry, The Dog With No Tail. "Does that look like Scout? And then..."

And that's how a Wednesday goes.


mep said...

"Mommy and Daddy are the boss. I am just a little boy . . . Old MacDonald has a big farm." Ah, protest rock meets country western.

Loved this post and all the details of your Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, I could help you put air in your tires...You shouldn't have to do that.