Saturday, January 19, 2008

Strike Notes

It's not a great thing when it's not even four o'clock on a Saturday and I've already finished my copy of Entertainment Weekly. I look forward to its arrival all week -- usually it's the only good thing in the mail on Saturday, and I guess I was a little overzealous in my devouring of it today. The only thing worse would have been if had been an off week for the special double issue. What am I going to read while I brush my teeth and dry my hair this week? Don't judge -- I don't get a lot of down time around here.

Anyway, there was a good piece in there this week about ways to survive the writer's strike, and while I did resolve to read more, I'm finding it's not as easy as I'd hoped. My books always seem to be where I'm not, and the remote is always closer at hand. My DVR has nothing left for me except some leftover episodes of Bionic Woman and a few movies I optimistically snagged from those Encore channels -- oh and a fat list of Noggin "shows" -- and I can't quite go that low yet. Therefore, I am left to flip through channel after channel of NOTHING on the big channels, and head for the cable wasteland instead.

I noted that Paige Davis will be making a comeback to Trading Spaces, and this led me to contemplate the innumerable hours I have spent in my life watching home improvement shows. How in the world did I ever sit through even an episode of While You Were Out? I seem to have developed an aversion to it in the last year or so, a stark contrast to the many 5:00 hours I used to spend wondering how in the world anyone ever fell for the fake filming ruse, yet still compelled by the designing and quizzing. Have I finally reached my HGTV max? Is it the glut of shows centered on "carpenters" and "designers" made out to be celebrities due their own showcase dedicated to concepts like "color"? Don't get me wrong, I'm still quite drawn to House Hunters and I even stayed upstairs an extra five minutes this morning after getting dressed to watch the Style Network's latest with one of those guys from Queer Eye, but I seem to have reached a fatigue point on the design front. This does not bode well for my viewing future -- what if I lose interest in my old friend the Food Network? I guess I can always fall back on The Real World, though if truth be told I haven't really been able to enjoy a marathon since the Las Vegas season (The Gauntlet excluded, of course, due to the presence of old friends like Beth and the Miz). But that's so obviously a guilty pleasure, reserved for a weekend afternoon when J. is watching some sporting event I don't care about, not a serious alternative to fill the space left in the the week by 24's or House's absence.

So, any suggestions on how I might fill the vacuum? It can't be too elaborate, as I've got the whole of My So Called Life waiting for me on DVD, and I haven't quite gotten there yet, due to the two remote procedure necessary for using the DVD player. I'm getting a little desperate, as I've even run out of Little People Big World and Jon and Kate Plus 8's that I haven't seen at least twice.


mep said...

I had made it about halfway through my EW when my son made a huge splash in the tub . . . I'm waiting for it to dry. As for what to watch, one of my guiltier pleasures is The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo. A New York version begins March 4th. My husband and I also watch E's The Girls Next Door, shameful but true. I don't know what you've got in stock from Noggin, but I really love me some Degrassi Next Generation. We've been watching a DVD of Season One of Weeds and are loving it.

I'm with you on the home improvement shows. I can't believe I used to watch 3 a day: Surprise by Design, While You Were Out, and Trading Spaces (sometimes multiple episodes each day). The only HGTV pleasure I have left is House Hunters. I did used to enjoy that organizing show with Peter Walshe, but I can't remember what it was called. I loved marveling at all the crap people had and then seeing them freed of the burden. Why can't I think of the name?

If I lived nearby, we could busy ourselves taking cooking classes, eating out, and forming a cool book club.

Actchy said...

Friday Night Lights has become an improbable (we're not huge TV people) guilty pleasure for both me and my husband. I have a blog post formulating in my head about this. It is just so stinking good.