Monday, February 11, 2008

Crayons are not for pockets

Maybe I'll blame Elmo. After all, he was featured in our latest "pocket themed" Sesame Street magazine producing a box of crayons from his pocket so that he and Zoe could make paper bag puppets. He also had a teddy bear sticking out of his overall bib pouch like a kangaroo, which made O. want to go put HIS overalls on, but he was already dressed and we were trying to leave the house to go to Cleveland, and so I said fine, put a crayon in your pocket for the trip.

This is really a story about what a great mother in law I have. So, KJ, if you're reading, this one is dedicated to you. (She's recuperating like a champ from knee replacement, by the way)

We arrived in Cleveland to visit said mother-in-law, and soon after arriving, discovered that O's pants were wet -- we're not sure if it was pee or spilled water, but better not to take the chance, eh? Beloved green blankie was also a little damp. Both jeans and blankie go into the dryer. No! No! you scream, in the manner of a horror film audience watching the blond woman approach the scary abandoned house to scratchy violin music. Ah, but that would be dramatic irony that I, the dark haired sleep deprived mommy, am on the ignorant side of, having forgotten all about the pre-departure green crayon bargaining.

Have you ever seen what a crayon does to a dryer drum?? Or to a light green blankie?? It is not pretty, I assure you. I pulled the blanket out, looked at it in a puzzled way for a few seconds before it all clicked, and as I saw that crayon going into O's pocket in my mind's eye, IT DID NOT HAVE A WRAPPER. Therefore, it could have been either a Crayola washable OR a Cars who-knows-what-the-heck-pretreater-could-ever-get-that-out one. On a trip out to the kitchen to casually ask "so, anyone know a home remedy for getting out crayon?" holding the injured blanket, O's eyes got very big and panicked. "What is on my blankie, Mommy?" I tried to act casual. "Oh, it's no big deal. It's probably a washable crayon. It'll come right out."

Luckily, it did. And I've found that Magic Erasers are pretty magical -- the dryer drum is now just slightly tinted pale green (ironically the same color as the blanket when NOT splotched in a failed tie-dye pattern). Thankfully I thought of using one of them instead of the paint thinner I first saw on the shelf of cleaning products. Have you ever read the warnings about flammables on washers and dryers -- death by explosion and such?

My mother-in-law was seriously so calm about the whole incident, telling me not to worry about it, she'd just throw some rags in there before her next load. She did say "wow, that really IS green" when she found the Magic Eraser for me, but hey -- IT WAS.

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mep said...

Oh wow. I will let this be a lesson to me. I am the least-vigilant laundry doer I know. That darn Elmo.