Monday, February 11, 2008

O-speak and N-doings of late

--N was on my lap this evening as we made some Valentines to send out (we're big into sending mail lately -- O is fascinated by the mailman, mailboxes and the post office), and was very agitated, wiggling all over the place and flapping her arms. I'm pretty sure she's convinced she could walk across the room if I'd just let go of her already. I said "Geez, sweet girl, you're going to fly right away here if I'm not careful!" O looked up from his coloring and said "But if she does that, we won't have a baby anymore!"

--Every night before he goes to bed, he asks, How many hours until the sun comes up, Mommy? After I wake up, what will happen then?

--Last night, J. reported that he carried on a long conversation about his bed, asking for a new one and then when J. told him that it was a special bed, the same one that Daddy slept in when he was a boy, O asked "Daddy, when you were a boy, did you have safety scissors too? Were yours blue like mine?" (essential to the mail preparation is a cutting up mulitple pieces of paper with these highly prized scissors)

--N is eating cereal, actually eating it, a new experience for me. O. showed very little interest in almost all baby food except for plain fruits. Surprise, he currently survives on junk food and fruit. She makes a big mess of course, but actually swallows a good deal of it. We also tried some bananas today. Still no connection to food and sleeping longer at night, but we'll keep trying for whatever magic combination accomplishes that.

--N also loves to roll around on the floor -- she keeps going until she bangs up against something, so we're going to have to get a lot more careful (and clean) around here quickly.

--O has also started to monitor emotions: "Mom, are you happy now?" This, usually after he's done something naughty and I have snapped at him. "Mommy, when you yell so loud, it makes me sad."
But then, in the car he randomly says "Mom, I am so happy."
"That's great, buddy," I reply. "What's making you happy?"
"Mommy, you make me happy."
Oh, okay. I'll just give you all the candy you want for the rest of the day, okay?

--We're also adventurers lately, thanks to a backpack full of camping related gear given by Grandma. We have to pack up our "snack" and check our compass, and then head to the next room with the backpack on, and use our "noculars" to check out the wildlife out the window. Luckily, we have started to attract a quite impressive array of woodpeckers to our birdfeeder lately, so there's often something to actually look at. The photo above is our friend Woody snacking on suet. Before an excursion to CVS with Daddy yesterday, he had to pack up his backpack with all the normal gear, but also added his rocket balloon pumper in case there were any boats there that needed air. When he got home he reported "But Mom, they didn't have any boats there," with a clearly disappointed tone.

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mep said...

Owen insights, questions, and observations always make me smile and laugh! We would love to be on your mail distribution list sometime. Yesterday, the bub opened up a Valentine made by his cousins and was pretty darn delighted. I suppose we could make some Valentines around here . . . but we don't have any blue safety scissors.