Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally, Enough Naps for Springtime

I made the mistake weeks ago of telling O. that we couldn't do something until it was springtime -- blow bubbles, or swing on his swing or play golf or some other outdoor activity, and that it would be quite a while until it was spring. The snow would have to melt, and he would have to go to sleep a lot of times. So, every time he woke up from his nap, he would ask: "did I have enough naps for it to be springtime yet?" Last Thursday, even though it was quite cold, I could not tell a lie, it was indeed spring, though we did not get out to do any of those fun outside events. We were in Cleveland for Easter weekend, where there was five inches of snow on the ground, so today was the first day of true spring around here, and we spent some time before lunch trying out the things the Easter Bunny brought -- not enough wind for our fish kite, but we got some good bubbles going to make N. laugh, and O. caught quite a few pretend fish in the yard with his new fishing pole.

O. is doing much better with his tricycle -- he can finally get the pedals to go all the way around by himself, and had a good stretch of street that he covered all on his own power on our mini walk today. "Look, I am doing it! Yes!" he reported. And since our original plan did not involve extended outdoor play, just gettting the mail, he was wearing his green rainboots instead of his tennis shoes (he can get them on by himself, and thus do not involve me putting N. down and sitting him on my lap to get shoes on). "Mom, I think I need real shoes to do this."

Some other fun O-speak:
Singing Old MacDonald, he stops after one verse with a pig: "There an oink, an oink there, and that's all the amimals he had. The other ones were sick."

Collecting acorns in the yard: "Look, the squirrels did not eat these ones. I think we should put them on my birthday cake." When I express concern about the tastiness of such a cake, he protests, "Yes, we will mix them all up: a Diego, chocolate cake with acorns, Yum!" and licks his lips enthusiastically to prove it is so.

Discussing the sounds of letters: "And quesadilla starts with 'k, k, kesadiya! And monkey with 'm, m, monk. And lion starts with 'yuh, yuh, yi-en!"

In a book we are reading, a baby seal gives his mother a kiss. I ask if he can give his mother a kiss, and he obliges, but then says "But my mommy is not a seal. You are a person. Am I person, too?"

Regarding his age: "I am two. I am not quite three yet, but I will be a little bit on my birthday, soon."

And some N. happenings:
N. can get to just about anything she wants to, using rolling, army crawling, or a lunging manuever from an up on all fours position. She is not quick yet, thankfully, but is quite determined to get anything that does not belong to her.

She knows her own name, and will turn towards you if you call it. She also has a special smile just for her Daddy. Today, she was making googly eyes at him from her saucer, and I coughed a bit too loudly. She startled, and turned to look at me with an extremely annoyed look on her face that I am sure will return often in the years to come.

Her latest conversational tactic is to put her lips together and make a popping sound over and over, or to fill her mouth with air and blow it out. It's as if she knows this is how you talk, but she just can't pair the motion with sound quite yet.


Anonymous said...

I love reading about two of my most favorite people in the world. I am so glad you are keeping a record of these times with the kids, it is so quickly forgotten.

mep said...

I get such a kick out of O speak! I'm happy that spring has arrived for you. I thought spring had come for us, but then today it rained and then snowed. Maybe there will be naps enough tomorrow for us in the Windy City.