Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In lieu of apology...

Because I know I haven't written in ages, a poem instead. Follow the link to I Stop Writing the Poem by Tess Gallagher so I don't feel guilty about quoting the entire thing without permission.

Can you believe it is before 9:00 and BOTH O. and N. are in bed? O. is not asleep yet, so I won't get too excited, but still.


mep said...

Reminds me of the poem about Penelope. Loved it.

Actchy said...

Ah. What a delight. Thank you for the link! A perfect poetry break.

One of the joys of the New York City Subway is the Poetry In Motion series: a truly varied assortment of poems in their entirety are published along side of things like information on microderm abrasion "doctors" and public service announcements on “seeing something and saying something” and ads for Diet Coke and this makes the poems so. much. more. beautiful, in my opinion, to be there in the unexpected place of chaos and commercialism.