Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Over But the Shoutin' (and the backup copy and postage)

Oh-ho! Two posts in two days? It is a wonder, nay, a MIRACLE, you say. Well, I must pronounce: the classes, they are done! I have, indeed, completed the work necessary to renew my license to be a teacher for yet another five years, none of which I actually expect to be teaching in any meaningfully paid way. Celebration is indeed in order.

And now, instead of feeling the weight of having to write about "cognitive coaching" or "habits of mind" at 9:30PM after wrestling my 9 month old into sleep and singing my 3 year old into talking to himself, not me, I can actually sit down and write about what it's like to be their mom. That's nice.

Only, what it's like to be their mom tonight is that even though they got to sleep before 9:00 today, I was wrestling the double stroller until 10:00. Trying to figure out how to take the back seat out and turn it into a real Sit and Stand so I don't have to lift O. in and out at the zoo tomorrow. And the instructions? Not so helpful. All full of "Figure 15" and 15A and no actual drawings of how things are attached, just vagueness and dire safety warnings. But, I think I figured it out, so there are now THREE strollers in the back of the van. Pull the jogger down from the garage wall and I can handle an entire preschool class, almost.

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mep said...

Congratulations on finishing your online classes!

We also have a stroller problem around here.

I look forward to blog posts now that your class is over!