Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Countdown to the Beach

Okay, so the comic strip "Baby Blues" is just about ALWAYS an echo of my life. But, check out this link if you want to know what we're doing around here this week. The day this one was originally published, I was out of town. J. clipped it and taped it above my computer. The day previous and the two following on the archive are along the same theme, and almost as funny.
We are not light packers in this house -- I wasn't raised to be one. We used to take the station wagon filled up with a car top carrier as well.
I'm actually feeling like I should be doing more to prepare to pack -- so far it's just been laundry city. But so much of what we need to take is in constant use around here, (blankies, towels, bottles, sippy cups) I don't feel like I can pack quite yet. When I was younger, I always knew it was beach time when we went to the grocery store and stocked up on the car snacks -- the only time we got the pick a mix candy (root beer barrels and Bit O Honeys). I've been feeling an urge to go to Target for snacks and toiletries, even though we have enough sunscreen to whitewash a mile of fence around here already.
So, what are you doing for vacation this year, and what will it take to get YOU prepared?


mep said...

I am also a terrible packer, definitely of the "pack-anything-you-might-need" school of thought. My husband is an efficient packer, and the difference in styles can be a source of marital strife. I contend though that it's a quite a challenge to pack efficientl for one's self and one's children . . . because, let's face it, how many fathers pack for their children and remember stuff like sunscreen and pick a mix?

We are taking a glamorous family vacation in Fairfield, OH later this summer. Big plans to take the Bubby to the waterpark at Kings Island. Maybe we'll make it to a beach next year.

Actchy said...

I'm working on full scale exhaustion as my primary preparation for vacation this year. Sometimes I feel like vacation sneaks up on me (although I'm always glad for its arrival) -- not this year. I am practically counting down the minutes and hope that upon my return, refresh and invigorated, I will launch back into frequent blog-poster mode.

PS -- I love Baby Blues, both because it is hilarious and because to be completely honest, my husband and I actually look a lot like the MacPhearsons.

CaraBee said...

Thanks for stopping by Land of Bean (last week, sorry I'm so slow to respond)! We're traveling by plane to visit family this week and I've begun the checklist of all the things we're going to need for traveling with a 9 month old. I'm very, very nervous.