Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes, Everything Is Just a Google Away

I have to give credit to J. for this post, as he suggested this was indeed possible. We have a small slinky around here that's been all twisted and bent out of shape. I've been about to throw it out, but it's one of those things that N. thinks she should not have and thus is entertained by it for short periods of time, unlike most of her own toys.
(Have I mentioned her shoe obsession? It's not going away. Did I really think it would, given my own shoe issues? I had a gate up to keep her away from the shoe pile, but quickly realized it was more of a pain to lift the heavy three year old over the gate to go to the bathroom than it is to drag the less-heavy infant away from the shoes, dog bowl and magnetic letters on the steel garage door)
Anyway, J. picked up the slinky the other day and said "Have you EVER had a slinky that this didn't happen to eventually? I bet there's a website for how to fix one." I snorted, but googled away anyway, and voila: How to Fix a Slinky. I'm thinking the promise of this website in general is kind of appealing: "How to do just about anything." Deserves a bookmark for future parenting emergencies, I'm sure.
In addition, I was discussing N's attire for my brother's upcoming wedding and whether or not she'll have enough hair to wear a bow or not. She's got quite a few wispy growths in the back that I'm quite vain about, but the top is still decidedly peach-like. I know, we could do a headband, but I really just HATE them. Sorry if you're a devotee to the look, but there's something just bizzare about them and the marks they leave behind. I said I thought you could get some kind that glued on or something. Later, I went to the trusty Google toolbar and typed "bald baby bows" and here you go.
Amazing, I tell you. So, what have you googled that surprised you with its instant answer?


mep said...

Some of my recent google searches involve physical symptoms of pregnancy, and I will spare you and your readers the terms of such searches--they did produce quick and successful results.

I will tell you that my blog statcounter allows me to see which search terms have led people to it. I am continually amazed to see how many people do searches about "Daisy Fuentes bedding," which I mentioned in an offhand manner months and months ago. "Sandra Lee breasts" is also a popular search. I also continue to be impressed by the number of people who suspect they might be able to track down a "Sir Topham Hat toothbrush."

On the blog, doodaddy.net, he lists some of the wackiest search terms that have led readers to his blog, and the list is quite amusing.

Actchy said...

I have Googled so many strange and amazing things, and yet had a hard time remembering any, until I just went to put a follow-up comment on my own blog.

I once Googled "Bea Arthur" and discovered that I am two inches taller than her. Oh my!