Friday, July 25, 2008

Updates and Dangerous Minds

It's been a while since I shared any O-speak, so here are some recent examples.

Reading his dinosaur book to himself:
"Some are red and some are green, and don't forget the duckbills!"

O: Mommy, who is your Mommy?
Me: Grandma is my Mommy.
O: Which Grandma? Grandma and Grandpa Grandma?
Me: Yes.
O: I should have known.

He's showing off a new interest in adjectives...
Playing with his new little plastic dog and kitten figurines: "These are excellent to play with."
"Isn't my painting so colorful? I am a great painter."
After an outdoor concert with Grandma and Grandpa "That music was beautiful." well as knock-knock jokes:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Peach who?
Peach you glad I didn't say banana?!

Inexplicably: I have feathers on my bottom. Yes, feathers on my bottom. Otherwise, I couldn't go potty.

After being handed a "granilla" bar in the car: "Oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about."

Eating a round peanut butter cracker: "This is a PIRATE cracker. Arrrr." And holds it up to his eye, like an eye patch.

Shopping in a department store, there is an announcement over the loudspeaker that someone in the shoe department has a call, and then the speaker says "Thank you for shopping at Dillard's." O. replies: "You're welcome up there!"

Also, an N. update:

In addition to the WALKING I mentioned in a recent post, Miss N. has sprouted two new teeth, taking the total up to eight, count them eight little chompers: four up and four down. She has taken to gnawing on her bed rail, to the point that there are a few loose splinters. It's too wide for those plastic cover things, because I tried them with O., so we'll just have to hope she doesn't get too big a chunk off.

So, is biting an issue, you may wonder? As the person who has to stick parts of my own body into her mouth both to rescue small toys before they hit her windpipe and to feed her, oh six or so times a day, I'm happy to report that so far she's only broken skin once, and that was on O. Apparently he was "hugging" her while she was standing up, and she didn't like it much, so she bit him square above the belly button, leaving quite a mark. "Mommy, why does she have to bite to protect herself?" Maybe because she's not quite old enough for wrestling matches, dear. When I'm trying to get her down for a nap, she burrows her head into my chest, grabs my t-shirt in her teeth, and shakes her head like a little puppy. When I sternly say "no" (as if talking to a puppy), she laughs out loud. Very funny.

Her vocabulary now includes MaMa and DaDa, used somewhat appropriately. She also has mastered the sign for "milk" but uses it to mean "gimme gimme gimme whatever piece of food you have right now that I want right now" pumping her fist together with increased franticness when you don't immediately respond. She also shakes her head "no" when approaching an item she thinks she is not allowed to go near. Doesn't stop her, but at least she knows it's off limits.

She is the best little eater I've ever seen, and while she'll still eat baby food quite well, it is clear she prefers whatever it is that we're having for dinner that she can get to her mouth on her own. Tater Tots? Toast? Rice? Tortilla Chip? Thank you, thank you and, thank you. The only thing I've seen her refuse so far is meat, the beginning and end so far of eating similarities with her brother. J. asked recently if the amount she eats is normal, after spending nearly a half hour dicing and presenting her with fruit. I replied that I think this is how most babies are: O. is the weird one, not her.

She loves to bring items over to "show you" and wants you to take them from her and admire them, then promptly return them. She especially enjoys playing this game with her daddy, and it can go on for as long as you'll play along. Favorite items are her baby doll, teddy bear, Pat the Bunny book or other small chunky books. Oh, and the other day, a wine glass. She got it from our wine rack in the dining room and toddled right on over to me, holding it by the stem, so smiley and proud.

She is indeed the smiley smiley baby -- she uses every chance she can to show off those new teeth, and her whole face is taken over by it. And is it possible that her eyes are getting even MORE blue?

Okay, enough enough of the gushing over my children. But just in case I needed a reminder of why I'm glad I'm currently spending my days with them, rather than teaching high school English, there's Anna Quindlen's recent Newsweek column. Seriously, follow the link. It's maddening, sad, and true. What's saddest is that most everyone, including myself, just caves to the crazies rather than putting up the kind of fight this teacher did. Real life teaching isn't like the teacher movies where all you have to do is stand up and do what you want and it all crescendos to Lulu singing Dear Sir With Love.

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