Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Omniscient Superheroes and Hippowaddits: O-speak

In the car, on the way to tumbling class, trees waving around in the hint-of-fall breeze:
O: Mommy, is God blowing the wind?
Me: Yes, God is making the wind.
O: Does God look like a big cloud?
Me: No one is sure what God looks like. We have to imagine. What do you think he looks like?
O: Maybe a big cloud. Or maybe a tree. Everyone in our neighborhood is thinking about what God looks like. (Pause) Does God have a mouth?
Me: I don't know. Maybe.
O: I wish I would be a superhero so I could know what God looks like.

Getting into the car after playing at the park:
O: Hippowaddit. Hippowaddit. Hippowaddit.
Me: What is that word?
O: Hippowaddit. That's another way of saying great. You say it.
Me: Hippowaddit.
O: Great!

Leaving the library, trying to convince him we don't HAVE to watch the DVD we just checked out in the car:
Me: Sometimes I want you just to talk to me in the car.
O: Well, I don't really feel like talking to you today.

Following his crying sister into her room:
O: I know N. It is hard to be a baby sometimes. But you are growing up, just like I am growing up. (gives her a hug)

Stalling before bed:
O: Wouldn't it be great if all the things in our house were magic?
Me: What do you mean magic?
O: You know, like all the other things are magic. Like if there was a hole right here in the carpet, and then all the things could go down in it. Like my carpet and all my room could go down there and be downstairs!
Me: Would you like your room to be downstairs?
O: Mmmhmm. And then we could put all the other rooms in the house in other places. In all the town, our house could be around, like even in the road so no one could get through. It would be like a gate, (throws arms open wide) but with NO OPENINGS!


mep said...

Thank you for giving me another fix. I love O. telling N. he knows sometimes it's hard to be a baby. Where did he hear that? We use that line too . . .

I am comforted that I am not the only one who uses the DVD player in the car around town and not just on trips (or perhaps you don't do that, and he just asks?).

This doesn't rival O. speak, but we made chocolate "putting" this evening.

Hippowaddit post, I say!

MommyTime said...

Don't you just love the things kids say?

Your comment on my poetry post made my day today, and I had to let you know. I love poetry too, and I only wish I read more of it, more often. Thank you for the link and for jumping into the poetry camp with me.