Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who Cooks For You?

We were at the library yesterday and refound the book Hoot and Holler to check out. It was one that O. was particularly sad to turn back in when we had it the first time, and I can never remember to write down authors or even try to use the catalog when we're IN the library, so it's rare that we get a repeat title. Anyway, it's this charming story about two owl friends, and how they get separated from each other, and have to learn to be brave, loud, and share their feelings so that they can play together again. And it reminded me of another bit of knowledge searching we did recently that I didn't share in my back to school post.
We have an owl in the woods behind our house, which is not all that unusual. However, there for a while this summer, our owl (maybe there are multiple owls, I'm not sure) was VERY loud. At first it was at normal owl times, like at 10:30 at night when I put the dog out, or a little earlier, I'd hear it over N's monitor. It would hoot and hoot. Actually, it sounded more like a big owl party, with a couple of monkeys invited as well. And then, we started hearing the owl chatter in early evening, 5:30 or 6:00, just as loud, just as excited.
We grew curious about the owl, and decided to look up just what kind of owl we have. And after an evening of listening to different owl calls on my computer, O and I determined that we have a barred owl. Their courting song is supposed to be reminiscent of today's post title. You can hear the sounds for yourself if you read this article. According to it, barred owls used to be relatively uncommon in residential areas like ours, but seem to be appearing where the trees are large enough for them to nest.
I know, my kids are destined to be kind of geeky because I get all excited about this kind of research. But was there really any doubt, Ranger Rick raised as I was?

Oh, on an unrelated note, I've added another list to my page. I'm not very good at losing things. Not that I don't lose them. Oh, I do, as you can see. I just am not very good about accepting that things are lost. I spend large amounts of my waking and trying to sleep time wondering where the missing items could be, and feeling various stages of grief about the ones that are likely gone forever. It's gotten a little out of hand lately, the things that disappear and reappear. So, I've decided to use this list to try to get the list of things I'm looking for out of my head and onto the page. It might make me have a little more of a sense of humor about my absentmindedness as well. Who knows?


CaraBee said...

I love researching stuff like that! It's always fun to solve a mystery. Sadly, we don't have much in the way of unusual wildlife in my neck of the woods.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one with a nearly one year old that is still fighting with sleep issues. We do the same thing, cry it out some nights and others I just go right in. I'm coming to a breaking point, though. This sleep deprivation is really taking its toll on me. Here's hoping conditions improve for both of us!

mep said...

The list of what's missing in my house might overwhelm my entire blog. Just this past Saturday, I was two minutes away from getting into the car, fighting frustrating weekend traffic, searching for street parking, and worrying all along that the baby was going to need to nurse while I was gone . . . I was about to endure all of that to go buy a new charger for the camera battery so as to be able to take pumpkin patch pictures the next day. Then, by some miracle, while on the phone with the camera store learning that the needed charger was in stock for $29.95, I found my charger in a random pocket of a diaper bag backpack that I don't really use. Thank goodness.

As for the owls, you know I tend to zone out when it comes to animals and wild life. Sorry!

Actchy said...

I love your "Missing Items" list. Just yesterday I discovered a pair of tongs I had given up for good and I could not get over my sheer delight (why they were nested between a roasting pan and a large wok-shaped skillet rather than in the utensil holder is still beyond me). I think that writing out a list like this will increase your happiness upon item-retrieval, for you won't forget what you have lost. I may consider such a thing, as well.

I should note that whereas pregnancy has me forgetting and losing all sorts of things, I maintain the ability to recall where my husband's items have landed. Yesterday, my husband inquired where his good black belt was. I was still sleeping when he asked, but somehow was able to tell him that I saw it in a (closed) Tupperware container of loose change he has on the window sill *behind his dresser* (why wouldn't one keep a belt there?).