Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Treats

I've been working on a couple of other posts, but they just aren't coming together. So instead I'll treat you to a few photos of how we've been filling the time today waiting until "it's darkness" and we can go trick or treating. O. can't wait until M&M, the neighbor girls, come home from school so we can join them to go get some more candy.
We went to the library and the apple orchard this morning, but the day is still long, so I broke out the "tent" -- the cute house cover my mom made for a card table, modeled after one my aunt made for my brother and I when we were little. Shouldn't she try to sell these or something?
O. loves to have tea parties in there, and bring all of his "amimals" inside. Today, it was all about making his sister laugh and leading his father to believe the house was falling down. If I did the video correctly, you'll see how. How do you like their Halloween wear? N.'s says "My magical power is being cute."

I love the sheer abandonment of a baby's laughing face:
Oh, and I've already posted pictures of their costumes, but you haven't seen their pumpkins. So, here they are:


Bailey said...

I love the new background.

Your kids are too cute... and yes, your mom should sell the "tents". What a great play house!

CaraBee said...

I had to watch that video three times because their laughter is just about the best sound in the whole world. Seriously. That tent is amazing!

Anonymous said...

The video was just what I needed this morning. It was great to see you and J on Saturday. Tell O and N that Aunt E misses them!

Actchy said...

Love the video clip. It's true: the sound of their laughter is the perfect accompaniment to my pb&j this Monday afternoon.

mep said...

Of course I love your kids, their laughter, and the awesome table tent (I'd much prefer that than the couch cushion forts the Bub likes to construct, adding to the chaos of my already messy home).

I am very impressed with the new background and with your technical expertise in posting the video!