Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'll Ask the Follicles and Get Back To You

I dressed N. in a little Halloween shirt yesterday and some khaki pants, and she got mistaken for a boy at least five times. That's fine. I called it when I dressed her, and it's really no big deal to me. O and his beautiful bow lips got mistaken for a girl all the time when he was a baby, even when he had giant footballs plastered all over his chest.
I know N's issue is her bald head. She's getting a few little duck curls in the back, but the top is still smooth smooth. There's some blond fuzz coming in up there, but it's blond, so from a distance, she's a cue ball still.
The amazing thing to me is how many people start conversations with her with the question: "Hi, baby! When are you going to get some hair?" Today, in the span of a forty-five minute tumbling class, two different people asked that same question, one addressed to N, the other to me.
I understand that people comment on the first thing that they notice. It's kind of like all the inappropriate things that people say to you when you're pregnant, a whole other post topic. I understand they are just trying to start a conversation. I just am never sure how I'm supposed to respond.
Some possibilities that have run through my mind:
"We talked to the doctor, and he says it's nothing to be concerned about."
"I'll ask the follicles and get back to you."
"Oh, I've been shaving it. You know, I've always been such a fan of Sinead O'Connor."
"Maybe after the cancer treatments are over."
"Well, J. says not to get our hopes up, it might be hereditary."

But usually, I just mumble something like "We're working on it..." and smile apologetically.


CaraBee said...

I get the same thing about my daughter ALL THE TIME. Like I have any control over her hair growth. I would submit "We've been using Rogaine, keep your fingers crossed!" as another response option.

mep said...

I just saw something about hair replacement surgery on Oprah . . . You know, like Jon Gosselin had.

I think, "How old is she?" or "Cute shirt" are good openers, better than "When are you going to get some hair?" in my humble opinion.

Actchy said...

Maybe look at her and start, exclaiming, "N.! What did you do with your hair?!"

People are ridiculous.