Friday, October 3, 2008


How is it possible for my dishwasher to ALWAYS be full?

How do my bras manage to get themselves twisted around not only the agitator of the washing machine but also all four legs of two pairs of pants?

If I accidentally bought laundry detergent for a high efficiency washing machine, and mine is decidedly low efficiency, can I still use it?

If one eats two pieces of apple pie in a day, does it count as two servings of fruit?

How do sippy cups manage to both multiply and disappear?

How are boogers like playdough? Answer (according to O.): you can roll them both, and squish them both, and cut them in half if you want to.

What does a doggie say? Answer (according to N. in a soft high pitched tone): wuff, wuff, wuff

What does a lion say? Answer (according to N. in a loud, fierce tone): RRRRRRRRRR!


mep said...

"How is it possible for my dishwasher to ALWAYS be full?"

That's what I want to know-- plus, how the hell am I supposed to empty it without waking my infant?! Best to let the dirty dishes pile up into the sink so that once it is emptied, it can be immediately filled again.

Anonymous said...

Yes to the apple pie question.

May I add, where do the sippy cup stoppers go?

Why do my socks and the girls socks go missing yet my husband's socks always come out of the laundry with their matching partner?