Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All They Want For Christmas...

My kids had the thrill of seeing Santa Claus over the weekend at a Christmas party hosted by my brother and sister in law. Santa gave each child an early gift, and while O. was thrilled with his "amimal fing," he was sure to point out that it "wasn't the one in the magazine. That one didn't have a gorilla."
N. did great the first time she sat on Santa's lap, surprisingly. But she didn't fare too well at the subsequent photo ops. We now have the obligatory "screaming child on Santa's lap" photo to frame. How weird is that as a tradition?
Neither one got the chance to tell Santa what they really want for Christmas, so we'll have to put it into a letter. O's rehearsed list goes like this: "I want two amimal fings and Diego Saves The Dinosaurs and a lot of other fings."
He adds items as he thinks of them, but these are the ones that have endured for over a month. O. will probably be thrilled if Santa does indeed bring Diego Saves the Dinosaurs. He keeps telling me he wants to use his own money from his train bank, and that even though fifty dollars is a lot, he can carry it into Target. However, today I was thinking that the list of things my children REALLY want is a lot different than the list they'll be sending to the North Pole.
Unsupervised, their letters might look something more like this:

Dear Santa,
What I really want for Christmas:
1. Pants with easy access deep pockets to hide rocks, marbles, pine cones, plastic amimals and small balls from N. and to get through the washing machine unnoticed.
2. A sippy cup full of syrup.
3. My own pillow in the middle of Mommy and Daddy's bed.
3. A direct mind/television connection, with no need to whine, wheedle or cajole my mommy to get to watch shows.
Oh, and my sister says she would like:
1. Her very own rubber bouncy ball, preferably windpipe sized.
2. Anything poisonous in a tube.
3. Bangs
4. One, just ONE swing on the kitchen chandelier before being yanked off the table.



mep said...

Your posts always get the details just right. O. and N. will delight in this letter to Santa one day!

Bub's list would definitely include that sippy cup of syrup and the pillow in the middle of mom and dad's bed -- good call!

Speaking of some"fing" on your reading list . . . how was American Wife? I've been wondering.

CaraBee said...

Very funny! And what a coincidence! A cup of syrup is on MY list, too!

E... said...

MEP: I've been meaning to write a book post -- I'll get to it so I can fill you in on American Wife. Short answer is, I mostly liked it, but found parts of it really distracting, much like all of Sittenfeld's books.

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your 12 days while I take a break at work. So cute, so funny. LOVE the unsupervised list to Santa. Where do you find the time to do this? I'm amazed! This will be wonderful to have when the kids are all grown up and these days seem so far away.
Merry Christmas!