Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

...we decorated our gingerbread house! Because we had such a hard time keeping ours standing up last year that I had to hot glue it together, this year I bought a pre-assembled one. However, this is what it came out of the box looking like:

However, you may notice in the photo that the box is UPSIDE DOWN on the table. O. decided he needed to take it out by himself, so that may have had something to do with the broken roof and wall.

Wouldn't you think that a gingerbread house kit that comes with the house already assembled,
would be super easy to decorate? That's what I thought, too. But no, the icing, rather than being the kind in a pouch (as in a tube of cinnamon rolls), was powder that you had to haul the mixer out to transform into icing. And the directions came with three different house designs, with instructions that said things like: "roll out gumdrops and shape into ribbon pieces", and "mint leaves may be snipped into tree shapes" Seriously?

No, we much preferred the
"lake of icing on the table to dunk candy into" technique.

And the "rake fingers through rooftop icing and smear on face" technique.

And voila! The saddest gingerbread house you ever saw!!


Anonymous said...

O and N's Grandma here. I am SO glad to catch up on the Days of Christmas that I have missed. I'll comment on the ornament topic here. One of my favorite ornaments is a ceramic angel that you made for me in Brownies, I always hang it where I can see it from my favorite sitting spot. It always makes me think of the sweet little brown eyed girl that made it for us. The other favorite one isn't on our tree anymore, it's on your brother's tree. It is a bear holding a basketball and wearing a blue and white shirt with the number 12 on it. Such great memeories of SHS basketball and Grandma in the stands with us!
As for the Gingerbread house, it looked great when O first showed it to me and then proceeded to eat all the rooftop gumdrops for lunch!

CaraBee said...

I think the house looks wonderful! I love the picture of N with the icing on her face. I have found that any time I think I have found a way to make things easier, in fact, the exact opposite is the case.

Anonymous said...

I was not pleased to see that the premade gingerbread tree (a variation on the house) I purchased required me to get out the mixer to make what ended up being the thickest, most difficult to work with icing ever...yes, even after I added much more water than suggested. NTB, but we've used those kits several times before (most recently for a Halloween haunted house) and never before has the icing come in powder form. I may have to contact Wilton as I pay them to make my life easier:)

I must say that you are selling yourself short on the results of your house. Looks fantastic to me, and actually looks like something I'd like to pick candy off of, which I can't say is the case over here.

Enjoying the holiday spirit over at small world...