Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas

The Small World hit the road and went to a Christmas party at my brother and sister in law's home, and guess who paid a visit?
If you read my post of a week or so ago, you know a few more details, but here are the photos!
This is O's face when he realized he had arrived.

As you can see, he was not quite as excited once he had to go sit on his lap. Also, this could be after J. screamed "Smile, O!"

N., as I said, was more curious about the package than concerned on her first encounter with Mr. Claus.

But, "NO, THANK YOU" she says for the return photo op visit.

This one goes in the frame.

Also, I just read about a book called Scared of Santa dedicated entirely to photos like this. I guess we'll try for volume two.

And then, just for fun, a photo that captures entirely my life most days.

Hope Santa is good to all of you as you prepare for Christmas this year!

If you have your own Santa story, feel free to share it in a comment!


Anonymous said...

These photos are fabulous! I love the facial expressions!! But, my favorite is the one with both babies on your lap....and, your comment made me laugh out loud!

Unfortunately, our only encounter with Santa this year was at Kenwood Mall. Dominic was mostly confused by the whole situation. He had a bewildered look on his face the entire time and then simply wanted to hold onto Santa's belt. Personally, I thought getting him to look at the photographer made the entire event a success!

Can't wait to see what the next day of Christmas is.....


mep said...

I've never taken my Bub to see Santa, and he hasn't asked yet. I'm certainly not opposed to the big guy, just haven't mustered the energy for the outing, I suppose. Perhaps I initially feared a reaction more like N's than O's!

Bub does know who Santa is though and thinks Santa is bringing him a cupcake maker. The cupcake maker is some kind of toy for an eight year old girl, I think. We saw it at Costco, and any conversation about Santa includes the refrain, "He bringing me a cupcake maker?" He is indeed.

CaraBee said...

That Santa is very authentic. No fake beards there. I don't have a personal Santa story but I have a cute one that I witnessed at the mall the other day. I walked past the Santa area to scope him out for potentially bringing Sophie in for a visit. I was noticing how wonderful our Santa was, perfect size, age and natural white beard when a girl about 7 years old walked up to him. She was in her pretty Christmas dress, clearly dressed for the occasion. When she got up to him, she tentatively stepped up close to his knees and I could see Santa ask her a question, most likely "what do you want for Christmas?" He reached and took her hands and held them as she stepped in and earnestly looked into his eyes telling him her deepest wishes. I completely teared up because I KNOW that she believed she was talking to Santa. Tearing up now. It was wonderful and made me hope that someday I can see my own daughter have a moment like that.