Monday, December 22, 2008

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

We tried to get a decent picture to send out as our Christmas card this year. After last year's abysmal attempt at a professional portrait, we decided to just try it at home. Although I had purchased cute dressy outfits for each kid with the goal of wearing them for this picture, when the time came, and we still had decorating the tree ahead of us, I thought maybe they would just be more comfy in their matching pj's.
We set them up in front of the fireplace, N's chair draped in a Christmas-y blanket, and Christmas toys at the ready for distraction purposes.Here's N. with the juice box I gave her to avoid a meltdown. Of course, she still had one as soon as I took it away from her to start the photos.

After a failed attempt at O. standing next to the chair, we tried it with O. sitting in front of the chair. N. , not happy with him invading her space, tries to kick him out of the way.
Mommy jumps in to readjust children and make funny "smile" noises, and Daddy snaps the photo at just the wrong time.
I never would have believed it if you'd told me I'd be posting a photo of my behind for the world to see.
And then we got a couple that are good of ONE child, but not the other. Notice we changed our mind about the pajamas midstream and put on parts of the dressier option. Nice ensemble, O. Oh, fine. NOW you smile.
If I was for sending a picture out that reflected my children's true personalities, this would be the one. (O. pretending to be a dinosaur, N. pretending to be angelic.)

But, here's the keeper. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


mep said...

A keeper indeed! I am a total sucker for matching holiday pajamas!

CaraBee said...

Great picture! We went round and round trying to take a picture of our darling daughter for the holiday card. Much like your experience, she was less than cooperative. If only she'd take direction.