Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the Third Day of Christmas...

...while listening to old favorite Christmas albums (Charlie Brown and the Brady Bunch), we decorated our Christmas tree!

Our tree is decorated with a mix of "special ornaments" from my childhood and beyond as well as lots of colored glass balls for shininess. My parents bought my brother and I a special ornament of our choice every year, and then gave all of them to us when we got married. I'm starting the same tradition for my kids, so far by buying them ornaments that match their personalities/interests. N's this year is the vintage Fisher-Price barn ornament from Hallmark, because of her love of Old MacDonald and animal sounds, while O's is a blue triceratops he picked himself.

O was very meticulous this year with the ornaments, admiring each one, listening to the story behind it, and then finding the perfect place for each, keeping in mind which ones shouldn't be in N's reach.
Here he is admiring his handiwork.

N., who is currently infatuated with pictures of babies, carried around any ornament that had a photo on it.

Almost finished...Notice the outfit change? We started the process after our Christmas card photo shoot, in which the kids wore matching pajamas, and O didn't want to take his off at first. Later, I talked him into putting on his "soft pants" (his word for sweats)

Ta Da! As usual, I will submit this photo as an entry in the "Rigged, Uncle Jim Always Wins Because He Makes the Rules, But What Else Is New" family Christmas tree contest.

What's your favorite Christmas tree ornament?

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mep said...

That is a very fine tree! I don't even have to see the other trees in the running to know that Uncle Jim's is my favorite.

As for my favorite ornament, I have many. One is still on my parents' tree, but I bet I could make a play for it. It is a hand-painted wooden ornament that features Little Red Riding Hood on one side and her grandmother on the other. They are wearing hats and dresses (but the fabric of each is connected). Anyway, if you lift up the skirt of the dress, there is the wolf who ate LRRH's grandma. Hard to explain, but really cool and endlessly fascinating to me as a little girl.

It was made by a woman whose last name is Garnet, I think. My mom has many ornaments of hers. I think she sold them in Oxford (maybe?) in the 1970s.