Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twelve Days?

As some of you may know, I established a bit of a Christmas tradition for myself a few years ago.
As a gift to each of my children in honor of their first Christmases, I put together a series of emails with photos that chronicled the twelve days of Christmas preparations in the Small World.
Sometimes they matched the theme from the song, other days I was just desperate for a holiday occasion and put in whatever photo I could manage. Each time, I felt a bit sheepish sending out the photos. I mean, it's one thing to send out photos every couple of months, but bombarding people on a daily basis with a photo of your child? It could be a little off putting. I consoled myself with the idea that the email title alerted potential readers of the content, and they could delete as they wished.
I later turned the series into a little photo album for each of them, and I'm glad to have them as memories of those "first" Christmases.
So, now that I have a true place to record the memories of my children, and I won't have to go the intrusive email route, I'm going to attempt the project here at Small World this year. (Yes, Small World existed last year for N's first Christmas -- I'm not sure why I didn't do it here)
I've never actually posted every day for a week straight, much less than TWELVE days, and I'm already a little overwhelmed by the Christmas preparations this year. Seriously, are there some days missing from the month or something, because is it seriously already less than two weeks away??!! I'm a little worried we don't have enough planned Christmas-type events to cover the days, which could explain why I got a little panicky when we didn't even leave the house today: A SATURDAY in DECEMBER! We should be cramming in the joy!!
However, I'm looking forward to sharing some of the priceless moments that only the discovery of Christmas through a child's eyes can bring. I'm optimistic that, starting tomorrow, you'll be witnessing photographic evidence of the advent season right here.
Enjoy the season!

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mep said...

I am fired up for this year's edition of the Twelve Days of Christmas . . . as for cramming in the holiday joy, I am too busy cramming my damned cards into envelopes and sniping at my husband for "not appreciating the effort that the project involves" and saying things like, "I'm not asking you to help, just to say thank you. I recognize it is a big job." How's that for joy?