Thursday, December 18, 2008

We interrupt these days with...

...a little review of last night's episode of Top Chef, featuring...wait for it: the 12 Days of Christmas! Well, it was actually 11 days, since no one pulled a knife for Four Calling Birds.

I was pretty pumped to see this as the theme, because, you know, I'm a dork. It was pretty sad to see how it all turned out, though.

This could have been an amazing challenge, working to get all of the contestants thinking creatively and producing witty and pretty dishes. But it didn't work out that way. I don't know if it was the fact that in addition to making them follow a theme, they also had to cater to a huge number of people solo. I hate to echo the judges, but you really CAN'T win Top Chef by making deviled eggs. Well, tell that to Ariane, who has now won TWO challenges by cooking meat. Turkey breast in a toaster oven, and lamb in a regular oven. What does it tell you about this year's competition that not serving something raw or burnt is what earns you a win?

I am starting to grow a soft spot for those Europeans, they're getting endearing in their attitude, or maybe it's just that I want someone to step up and show off. Where is my Richard Blais and his food knowledge? I mean even Lisa, my least favorite contestant of all time, had rocked out the miso bacon by this time in the season, hadn't she??

However, Jeff is becoming a bit of a rock star, isn't he? Though I didn't really follow the logic of that "island leaping" cheese, his dish last night looked yummy.

I'm a little uncomfortable with the edit of Hosea, the player, when it's now been shown he not only has a girlfriend at home, but also a sick father. What's up with that??

I'm still wondering about this "holiday reprieve" of not sending someone home and wondering what the real reason was. Was there more to the refrigerator incident than we saw? Because if it was really so bad, why NOT send someone home??

That's all I've got on that for today. What are your thoughts on this season, and how many of you will be interrupting your Christmas Eve plans to watch the special holiday episode next week???


Bailey said...

I think it will get better in two weeks when the contestants don't have to stick to a theme and can cook something of their choosing. It better anyway because I'm not terribly impressed with anyone.

Jamie needs to get over herself. She seems to be have the most potential for creativity but it doesn't matter how out there your dishes are if they aren't cooked properly. If you think you should be winning, then cook like you should be winning.

I don't mind Jeff (he's easy on the eyes) and the Europeans add some much needed humor.

At least Arianne stopped the "woe is me, I don't deserve to be here" routine. That was getting old fast.

I do like Radhika but that probably has something to do with the fact that she's a Chicagoan and I know where her restaurant is. I haven't eaten there but I would like to.

I will probably be DVR'ing next weeks episode to watch at a later time. I have a feeling I won't be home to watch it.

mep said...

Thank you for writing about Top Chef. I am always hungry for more Top Chef talk. I feel like something is missing this season. I wonder if the contestants are now so familiar with the show that they play it safe too often, knowing that major risks and taking leadership can send you packing.

A few of my thoughts:
Love the cougar. I just do.

Loving the Europeans though I was poised to detest them after the first week.

I share Bailey's thoughts on Jamie.

Leah gets on my nerves, same with Josea (though I am sorry his dad is sick).

Carla is a crazy cat, but I like her (and her spirit guides).

I wonder if something really bad happened with the fridge incident. I'll have to read Leanne's blog to see if she gives any hints.

Am I the only one who gets sick of the high pressure conditions. I think a little extra time for some of these challenges would be nice.

At the same time, it seems like they all perform much better in the quickfires than in the elimination challenges so maybe time is not that big a deal. It just seems like three hours to prep for serving 250 people is not long.

No way I will be watching next week's episode live. My husband wants to watch ND play football. My family usually watches White Christmas on Christmas Eve. Plus, I don't like watching Top Chef with people who won't concentrate on it. I don't want any talking or question-asking to interrupt my viewing experience (unless I was watching with another Top Chefanatic).

Anonymous said...

Loved the quickfire and Martha Stewart portion of this episode.

Hated that Natasha Richardson had way too much cleavage showing.

Agree with MEP that there shouldn't always be such a time crunch...why not let them plan a menu/theme before rushing off to Whole Foods?

Agree with E... that with so many horrible dishes, why wouldn't you send someone home? I decided it was because Jamie's was the worst but maybe they didn't think she should be sent home yet and made up a lame reason about it being Christmas. I would have been annoyed if I was one of the safe ones and then none of the bottom 3 got sent home.