Friday, January 30, 2009

Comment, and Ye Shall Receive: Recipe Request Answered, Top Chef Discussed

In answer to the request from MEP, here's a link to the pork tacos I mentioned yesterday.
Super easy, really yummy. I enjoyed them just as much the next day. J. announced that they kind of tasted like the gorditas he gets when he has fast food when he's in Mexico for work.
Funny story, I learned via my Facebook addiction to status updates that a friend was making this recipe for the first time the same day I was! Her family also approved.
As for the Top Chef info request, I'm not sure I have much to say. Snoozer is a good descriptor. That football squares things was so bogus, what with all the columns being oats. Stupid. Just call it the "random product placement episode with no real connection to sports/super bowl parties/the guest judges' expertise/or much of anything at all"
The "All Stars" were lame. I love Josie, and I guess Spike and Andrew are good for comic relief, though they get on my nerves. But who the hell is Camille?
Poor Fabio and his cheddar and venison, but actually, those ingredients (and Carla's) seemed the only ones that really celebrated the teams they represented in any genuine way.
Why did the elimination challenge feel mostly like a quick fire and generally a waste of airfare for all those involved? It had this weird rehearsal/improvised feel to it. Can it be that Gail really is the mastermind behind this show, and with her off getting married or whatever, it's all falling apart?
I'll miss Jeff, just as I miss Radhika (though she lists Chicago as her hometown, she's actually originally from Cincinnati), but I have to agree that both suffered from lack of confidence in different ways. Radhika kind of crumpled under the pressure in the last few episodes, you could see it in her face, while Jeff couldn't just pick one thing and let it rock.
I do love Carla, and cannot believe I am now rooting for her to win this darn thing. At least she brings the love, and I don't mean the icky, icky stuff Leah and Hosea continue to make us watch.


mep said...

Thank you for blessing me, oh blogging goddess.

The product placement is really getting to be a bit much. Enough already. I especially like how the camera operators "casually" capture products in artistic-type shots.

Also, do they fly the eliminated contestants back? I suspect they all have to stay quarantined for secrecy purposes until everything wraps. I actually spent some time this morning wondering what they do in the "pack-your-knives" quarters . . . share recipes? drink?

Had no idea that Radhika was from Cincinnati. Now I like her even more. Come visit me in Chicago so we can go to her restaurant.

I'm right there with you on Team Carla. Who doesn't need more love with their food? Hosea and Leah, ick. Stefan, the pompous ass has grown on me. Fabio, charmed I'm sure but his food is not making the grade. Jamie, like her but how many vegetable purees can one proffer, no matter how many layers of flavor they involve . . .

Brittany said...

yeah, the last thing I want to eat while watching the SuperBowl is oats. How blah is that?

I am honestly glad Jeff went home, he tries to do so much, and honestly, none of it ever looks very good to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree...that episode was LAME-O.

I am really, really starting to hate the product placement in that show. From the Toyota cars, GLAD products on the wire shelves, GE appliance shots, to the T-Mobile stuff. Enough!! I am almost tempted to count the amount per episode. I told my husband...if you wanted to make a drinking game out of this show, you could drink every time there was a product placement shot. Personallly, I think everyone would be wasted.

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