Friday, February 13, 2009

Special Delivery

Happy Valentine's Day!

The kids have been into playing with boxes. O. decided he was going to try to make a "spaceship" but in his mind it involved sticking the boxes together with glue somehow. When I wouldn't give him the Elmer's or glue stick for this project, he found a tube of chapstick and proceeded to smear it over the side of one box.
I finally talked him into making all the boxes into a train instead. Here they are, along with animal engineer/passengers.Oh, and I thought this one was just cute, too.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valetine's Day to our favorite Sweeties!! Gma and Gpa

mep said...

Love your Small World "love train"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering us on this special day...loved the picture...miss all of you...Aunt A.

Anonymous said...

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