Friday, March 20, 2009

If you're ever in Illinois, watch out for killer whales.

Some facts I've learned from my son in the recent past:

Orcas are also called killer whales. (Okay, I knew this one)
Killer whales have 20 40 68 feet, and they eat fish and even they eat people!
They are red, and when they eat, they have more red blood on them.
Killer whales live far away. In Chicago. (watch out, MEP!)

The kewerbird is not our friend. He is mean. He steals eggs from nests. But he does not eat babies.

This guy (a drawing of a caterpillar looking thing) lives in the sea, but he's not our friend. He's a leopard eel.

There are also apparently sea animals named: blumpo seals, grino seals, and a mellow leader. Do you mean a millipede? I asked. No! Didn't you hear me? I said 'MELLOW'.

While drawing a large forest scene with lots of footprint trails and a snake that slithers over the footprints to hide them, he tells me "And then it started to rain."
"Oh," I say, "It's raining in the forest?"
"Yes. That's why it's called the rainforest."

Ice basketball is apparently popular with imaginary beings.
"Did you ever play ice basketball, Mom? I used to play with my friend Canna. Before I knew you, before I hatched out of your tummy. She was my friend then. And then she moved away.
O's teacher asked me after school one day if O's friend moved away recently, because he seemed a little sad about it.

Toilet humor comes when you least expect it.
"Wow. I never had it come out that fast. That was a leaky one."

The obesity epidemic is possibly transmitted via the very air we breathe.
In the Hobby Lobby parking lot, which happens to be near several fast food restaurants:
"Mom. I smell something good." He stops to think for a moment. "It's FRENCH FRIES! They smell good."


mep said...

Thanks for the warning on those killer whales. I will stay vigilant.

French fries do smell wonderful. In fact, the smell of fried food in general--like you can whiff at, say, Kings Island or a good sports bar--delights me.

Also love the phrase "leaky one."

O. speak never gets old.

CaraBee said...

I laughed out loud at the "come out that fast" comment. Hysterical!

Actchy said...

E..., I've become woefully behind on my favorite blogs. Just catching up, and read your allergy post. I tend to lose new comments, so wanted to point you in that direction in case you missed my note down there.

By the way, the snake drawing sounds scary.