Monday, April 6, 2009

Before and After

I wanted to show you pictures of O's sweet little garden that we built yesterday, when it was sunny and nearly 80 degrees here. He love, love, loves to plant seeds. Often, he finds random bits of organic matter in the yard, pushes them down into the dirt and tells me that soon I will be seeing a tree, or an acorn, or some other type of flower growing.
His dad's friend B. loves to take credit for teaching him to push "helicopters" down into the grass so lots of new trees will grow in Daddy's yard. (J. is a touch obsessive about our yard, something that is a futile exercise given the woods surrounding our home and the moles that love to burrow all around in it.) We have a pumpkin vine growing in a pot on our dining room table and a little container with some herb seeds waiting to sprout.
An episode of Franklin yesterday inspired O. and J. to turn the little spot next to the front porch into a vegetable plot. We sowed some lettuce and carrot seeds, and will wait until warmer weather to put in some green beans, onions and a cucumber vine.
Anyway, it was feeling really happy and warm yesterday, like days of sunshine and outside were not something to dream about coming, but here, for good. Also, J. was making plans for watching baseball on Opening Day, almost a real holiday here in Cincinnati, the home of the nation's oldest baseball team.
That was yesterday. Today it is rainy, cold, and there are reports of snow for tomorrow: not exactly baseball weather. Our other beloved local sports team, Xavier, has lost yet another coach to the inevitable next step in a bright career. And as soon as I get done typing this, I will have to go throw sheets on the few tulips of mine that have decided to sprout this year so they don't get frosted. (Seriously, I don't know what happened this year. I know they're not to be considered perennials, but I've had luck bringing them back for three years now. I guess the squirrels had some tasty midwinter snacks.) So, the photos of the garden will have to wait for another day.
Instead, I'll show you a more fun before and after sequence than depressing weather tales.

O's hair this morning...(this really doesn't even do justice how CRAZY it was).

O's hair this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

He's still the CUTEST! Before and after! Gma

mep said...

I will look forward to the seeing the progress of the small world garden . . . Bub wants to plant some "pink flowers," some "pazil" (because he overheard my mom talking about basil in her garden), and some "peppers" (as if he'd eat them).

This weather is so hard to deal with, eh? Light, sunny, hopeful, and then cold, gray, and woeful.