Wednesday, April 22, 2009

O-Speak Update, As He Approaches His 4th! Birthday

Here's a joke from O.:

Q: What do you get when you put together a car, a bird, and a dog?

A: A flying carpet

He told this one to J. out of the blue one night at bedtime. J, used to the usual nonsensical knock-knocks that pass for jokes in O's world, (ie: Knock Knock. Who's There? Banana. Banana Who? Banana Crayon.) said he nearly dropped the sippy cup of milk he was carrying out of the room and completely cracked up. O. told it to me the next morning, and has since retold it at least 10 times, every time correctly. He has since admitted he heard it on Zooboomafu, but since when does anyone actually make up jokes?

Also, the other day, the whole family was in O's bed reading stories. J. was complaining he couldn't get comfortable, as his pants kept going...he stopped himself from finishing that line of thought, but O. picked right up on it.

"Up in your butt, Dad? Yeah, that happens to me all the time."

The other day I was putting laundry away, and found a trove of toys and other treasures amongst the clothes. One thing was a picture frame that usually sits on O's dresser, a photo of the moment O. met N. in the hospital. It's one of my favorite shots of him, so sweet and amazed. I told him he could go put it back in his room, but he had a different idea.

"No, Mommy. You can have it in your room." He took it over and put it on my nightstand. "Now, when I'm not around, you can think of me, and remember how much you love me."

N. has finally started to not only have enough hair to wear small bows, but will also keep them in for longer than a minute or so. She does eventually pull them out, so there's yet another source of small things littering flat surfaces around here. Luckily, O. has decided that his best stuffed friend, his dog Charlie, is actually a girl. (I guess that means I should spell it Charly?) Therefore, he wants her to have a bow clipped onto her ear at all times, so I can usually find one when I want to accessorize N's outfit.

Lastly, here's a little video that shows one of O's funnier phrases of late. In case you can't quite understand him, he's saying "Oh no. Not this kid." Since he has recently turned quite vocally and annoyingly argumentative, this is actually a refusal I don't much mind. I'm sure it will get annoying soon, but for now, quite cute. Also, please note that his sister copies EVERYTHING he does. Oh, and how do you like my lovely kitchen walls? The wallpaper is all down, but I suspect it will be a while before we actually get them painted.

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mep said...

Thanks for the O. speak. I imagine you love that photo of O. meeting N. even more than ever now!

I really enjoyed the video.