Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Does O.'s Garden Grow?

Well, lately, it's looking quite nice. Thank you to bean plants: so foolproof and fast! Guess that's why they have kids plant them in dixie cups at school. Although the one O. did at school was the only non-grower around here this season.

My mom and I finally devised a Scout-proof fence around it, so I haven't had to replant it every other day for the last couple weeks, and it's gotten a chance to sprout. Here are a few photos of the progress.

I don't profess to be a great photographer, and I struggle with Blogger and photos -- not sure why some of these are on their sides, because I thought I had rotated them. Oh well.

View from the porch



Lettuce. The earlier planted row seems to have stopped growing.
Maybe I'll harvest them and call them "microgreens."

Bean plant.

Squash and basil from seed.
I've never had luck with herbs from seed, so we'll see.
I bought a plant as well, because I can't do without basil.

Tomato I bought already mature.
Barbara Kingsolver wouldn't approve, but then again,
she doesn't have two children under five. Babysteps on this gardening adventure.
Smaller tomato, and the giant tomato cage that was the only size left at the store.

This was supposed to show you my marigolds and petunias,
but looks just like wet mulch and some greenery.

Flower bed and yard. White impatiens in this one.
Also, the stepping stone the kids made me for Mother's Day (in front of our gnome friend).
J. wants you to admire the grass, and to be annoyed
that I deadheaded my petunia onto its beauty.

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mep said...

Please tell O. how mighty impressed I am with his garden! We are .5/3 on our vegetable garden. I started peppers and something I can't remember from seed, but the pots got waterlogged. I bought a basil plant, but the squirrels have been enjoying it.

Nice work on the Scout-proof fence.