Sunday, July 19, 2009

Error Messages

I'm getting a little tired of troubleshooting.
I consider myself pretty good with electronics, computers and such, and can usually ferret out solutions for problems on message boards and implement them on my own.
Once, when the in-the-door water and ice dispenser on our refrigerator stopped working, I discovered it could be fixed by turning on the light that is built into it. Seems it was a slight freeze-up, and simply needed a little warm up.
I've resolved a few computer viruses by downloading free programs, even the one that appeared to be sucking the life right out of my computer as I watched, complete with a biohazard sign that replaced my children's faces on my desktop wallpaper.
I really dislike having to get someone else involved in the repair process, when I know I am perfectly capable. I recognize that I get slightly unreasonably absorbed in these processes, but can't really help it. I'm currently in one of those cycles where I have a few too many of these things on my plate, and can't wait until they all get worked out.
It started with the camera that I dropped in the sand "doom." The lens error of course is staying put on that one, and I can still hear the grains of sand grinding around in there. Understandable. My own fault there.
I pulled my old camera out of the cupboard to start using until J. can accumulate a few more frequent flier miles and use them to order me a replacement. (See, there are a few good things about his frequent business absences, and plenty of good reasons NOT to get rid of anything!!) Fine for the first 25 or so pictures I took, but now I'm getting the dreaded "Memory Card Error." I'd had this problem before, one of the reasons I got a new camera, along with the fact that the switch to review photos sticks. Oh, and it's got a ridiculous delay when you take a shot of children in action. Not that I'm complaining or anything.
This is a known Canon problem, and there's a chance that I'll get a free repair out of it, even though it's obviously out of warranty. BUT, the support people are obviously not in on a Sunday, and of course, repair means I have to send the camera for an indeterminate amount of time, I'm sure, leaving me right back to where I started: without a camera.
Oh, actually, I do have one. The one my cousin found in the beach house we were staying at last month. She was looking for her own misplaced camera (hers was NOT in a 'doom') and found this one in the theater room. She offered it to me after I realized mine was toast, but I felt all bad keeping it when someone was probably missing it, and was planning to drive it down to the realty office and everything. (We were missing Charlie ourselves, remember). Then I booted it up and realized that the pictures on the memory card were of ten year old girls dressed in hoochie-mama dance competition costumes, about 100 shots of Disney on Ice, as well as lots of candid shots of nacho chips and stuffed puppies. I'm thinking it belonged to some girl whose Daddy bought her a new one on the way home from the beach.
So, unless little tricks like blowing compressed air down into the camera, heating the battery with a hair dryer, and using a pencil eraser to clean contact points are successful, I'm stuck with the neon pink Insignia.
Next on the list, before it implodes altogether, figure out why my laptop takes a full five minutes to wake back up and get connected to the web. Guess I should also back up all the photos (which I can't use my camera to look at, btw.)
Also, my driver's license is missing, and since it was already about to break in half, I'm not even going to bother tearing the house apart to find it. Though I will have to go on a search for proper identity documentation. Can't SOMETHING just be easy for once??

Spider update: The hairy beast was found in the bathroom. J. killed it with a shoe. FIVE DAYS LATER. Do you think that was long enough for it to lay eggs? Yet another thing to Google.

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mep said...

After you figure out your laptop, you can get cracking on mine. Can't wait to see you and your neon pink Insignia. Better get yourself a new license before Thursday, though hubby and I went to a bar before the Billy Joel/Elton John concert last week and when I reached for my i.d., the bouncer just laughed and said, "You can go on in." The Ma'm was understood. He then carded my brother and his girlfriend.