Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hands Off the Giraffe

O. is not very picky when it comes to clothing. Occasionally, he has an opinion when given a choice between two shirts, and he would prefer to wear "soft pants"(sweat pants or knit shorts) over jeans. He does have a Lightning McQueen shirt that was a hand me down from his cousin that he asks to wear all the time. Since it's long sleeved, I have had to discourage this outfit choice for the last couple of months. However, he's never really expressed much of an interest in dressing himself, or choosing which clothes to buy.
So I was surprised at the beginning of the summer when he told me he did NOT like one of the t-shirts I was planning to buy at Target. There were not many options on the four dollar shelves in his size, unless I wanted him to wear a camo print or something in a bad combination of orange/green stripes.
(Really, don't get me started on the lack of choices for boys sized 24 mos to 5T, at Target especially, but really anywhere. And once they're out of stock once, too bad if you need something else. Say a plain colored polo shirt to wear to a funeral when you only have time to stop at Target.)
I had picked this (what I thought was cute) light blue t-shirt with a cartoon graphic of a monkey painting spots on a giraffe. He likes animals. Likes wearing animal shirts when we go to the zoo. Good choice, right? Not so much. He told me in the store that he didn't want me to buy it, but I had a credit, and there really were no other ones, so I got it anyway. Every time I have tried to put it on him, he protests, pulling it off over his head and throwing it across the room.
"Mom. I do NOT like that shirt."
(Oh, my mom also bought him this shirt and gave it to him when he was staying with her for a few days. She told me he was quite clear to her as well about his dislike for it. Nice manners.)
He has worn it a couple of times. I assumed his issues had more to do with the fact that I didn't obey his command that I not buy it than any real issue with the shirt.
Today, he had it on for an hour or two, but then it came time to change to go to the pool and I heard him telling N., "I HATE this shirt." When I came in the room I saw he had thrown it behind her crib.
"So what's the issue with this shirt?" I asked.
"It is not nice."
"What do you mean? It's just a t-shirt. Is it itchy or something?"
"No. It's not NICE. Painting a giraffe. It's probably a zoo giraffe. And you shouldn't paint on them. It's not nice. That's why I don't like it."
So, here we are back to the ethical treatment of animals. Please, no one give this child a copy of Charlotte's Web. Or tell him there's such a thing as PETA. I'd like to be able to continue having a steak or a chicken sandwich at least every once in a while.


Actchy said...

So sweet.

I know not much about little boys' fashion (although daresay I will have to change that fairly soon), but my sister has told me that trucks on shirts are very cool up until the first day of Kindergarten, when they become baby-ish, and must be replaced by superheros.

CaraBee said...

Such a sensitive little guy. I would never have guessed that THAT was his objection.

mep said...

I'm very impressed with O's respect for zoo animals.

I will mention that both of my boys have that giraffe being painted shirt. Bub has never objected!

It is a pretty cute shirt though, right? Good colors?

Also, I find extremely frustrating that Target does not seem to restock many items and that on the clearance racks, they sometimes price by size, as if they know you are really desperate for a 4T St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt and want to charge a dollar more for it than they do for the 3T one.