Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Missing here is the BlogHer post I was planning to write. There was so much to process about the whole experience, and I really haven't had the chance to do so. Believe me, I wish it was laundry and swimming lessons that have kept me occupied.

A week ago, our family got word that our brother-in-law passed away suddenly of a heart attack. He was the husband of my husband's oldest sister, and he left behind three children who mean the world to me. He was a kind, strong man.

The last to marry into my husband's family, I only knew him for eight years. In that time, I had the chance to collect quite a few fond memories. We were both in-laws to the Small World, sometimes sitting together on the fringes of family events reading books and shaking our heads. He was an excellent host, always at work to make sure those who visited his lake house had all they needed to enjoy the vacation. He loved my children, and often took the time to find one of his cats that was hiding from them so they could pet it. I'll always remember sharing cups of coffee and conversation with him in the mornings when we were visiting them, often looking out over the lake with oldies playing in the background.

I'll be trying to write more of my memories down to share with my niece and nephews, but I doubt they will find their way to this blog. Sometime, probably soon, I'll be able to write about some of the other things going on in the Small World. But I didn't want to skim right over this sad time. Much of my attention right now is with a family that is too far away for me to physically offer support, and I'm aching far too much for all that we are now missing.


mep said...

I've been thinking about you all. Writing down and sharing those memories with your niece and nephews would be a beautiful gift some day.

CaraBee said...

It is a wonderful idea to write down stories about your brother-in-law. Somewhere down the road, his children will love to have those memories.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this. You are all in my prayers during this difficult time. Love. LBS