Friday, August 14, 2009

With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells...

I have been waiting to provide an update on O's garden because I wanted to provide some pictures, but the camera situation has not improved. Yes, I do have the neon pink Insignia, but the quality of those pictures is sub par at best, and also, we do not have the USB cord for it, so getting pictures off of it involves about at three step process utilizing J's computer, a flash drive, etc. So for now, the kids use it to take pictures of their animal setups, until the batteries die; I don't have a camera. My old camera is at Canon getting repaired free of charge, so I'll have that one back some day or another. But until then, you'll have to imagine what the garden is looking like.

I'd say it's been a project of middling success. So far, we have gotten a pretty decent crop of green beans, some great herbs (basil, parsley and rosemary), a few tomatoes, and some hot peppers. The squash plant continues to look impressive, but not produce any fruit. The cucumber and pumpkin plants died because Scout kept walking on them. The scallions are being choked out by the green beans in our cramped space, and the carrots may yet work out, but there won't be very many of them.

I think I might be most disappointed by the tomato plants. I have three plants, one cherry tomato, one that I thought was Roma but is looking more like small beefsteak, and one Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato. They are impressive looking plants, and have turned my front door area into a little bit of an overgrown looking jungle, not super attractive. I would be fine with this if I was receiving a bumper crop of delicious tomatoes in return, but so far, I've had probably 20 cherry tomatoes, and two of the larger red ones. One of those was rotten on the bottom. There are only about six other larger tomatoes waiting to ripen. I know it hasn't been a hot and sunny summer, but I'm still thinking I might try a different spot for tomatoes next year.

The hot peppers are much hotter than I had planned. I picked up my vegetable plants on the fly this year, stopping by a garden center while J. and the kids waited in the car. Sure, it was easier than doing it while trying to wrestle O. and N., but it did mean I rushed a little. I thought I got at least one bell pepper plant, but I did not. A couple of the plants are these cute round little red cherry peppers. I imagined they would taste like the peppadews that I love on Panera's vegetable sandwich, but they are much spicier than that. And the others are bigger than jalepenos, but still quite spicy, so I'm not sure what they are.
Luckily, the unusually cool and rainy weather has meant that my flowers are doing quite well.

The Limelight Hydrangea on the corner of the house has never looked more lovely, and my impatiens have only had a couple of days that they looked droopy and thirsty before I got a chance to water them. The wave petunias are doing fine, though they lose blooms to N. quite often. She brings them to me saying "Ear?" so that I will tuck one behind her ear so she can be "pretty."

The bed in between our house and the neighbors continues to be a little sad looking. We had a tree taken out of it last fall, and J. tilled it at the beginning of the summer to at least move some of the wood chips around. We planted a lilac bush which has not yet died, and some butterfly bush looking stuff, as well as some daisies that did die. I want to have my great-grandfather's peony moved to this bed so it has a chance to actually bloom, and also two hydrangeas that did not do so well this year in the side yard, and my benefit from some more sun.

And that's the garden report in the Small World. What have we been doing with the harvest we have gotten so far? Stay tuned for a post with some of the recipes.


mep said...

I look forward to the recipes and am very impressed by your garden success (more than "middling" from my perspective).

I dream of growing tomatoes one day (can't now because tomato plants supposedly attract rats in the city) and will wait for you to work out the kinks and advise. I am very tempted by the twister planter thing that you hang upside down.

CaraBee said...

I have to agree with mep, that garden sounds pretty darn successful! Plus, it was a fun thing for the kids and you to do. So I would call it a win/win. Meanwhile, my one measly basil plant has struggled all summer.

Anonymous said...

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