Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lucky Guess

Yesterday, I actually had the local news on for a little bit in the evening, just as the weather report came on to inform us that O's very first field trip, a visit to the pumpkin farm for a hayride, will most likely be accompanied by by rain and mud. We had some discussion about the fact that he would most likely get to wear his boots and raincoat.
Today, the rain arrived a little ahead of schedule, and as I was wiping the dogs paws off, O. looked thoughtfully out at the rain splashed driveway.
I thought he was getting concerned about the pile of berries he had plucked from our burning bush and left for the birds, but instead, he asked, "Mom, how do the weather people know what is going to happen? Is it just a lucky guess?"
I explained that they study the wind and the clouds and what's going on in the rest of the country and that they use their computers help them figure some of this out as well.
"Oh wow. That sounds really cool."
"Do you think you'd like to do something like that someday?" I asked. does sound cool, but also really hard and tiring. Do you think they ever get to sleep?"
I tell him that one of his friend's mommy does this for a living, and remind him that he's seen her on TV before.
"Oh. Yeah. And does she get to have a drink? And eat something sometimes?"

P.S. I am working on a much overdue post to celebrate Miss N's second year, just so you don't think she's being neglected around here. Look for it soon. (Maybe if I write it here, it will happen more quickly??)


mep said...

Access to snacks and drinks is a fundamental question to ask when considering any potential career.

O. knows what's up.

Tina said...

Well, it's an important question. Some jobs are so high stress that you get very little sleep.