Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recent O and N Speak

Overheard in recent weeks in the Small World.

O. and N. are at the kitchen table, munching from a sleeve of crackers.
O: Mom, do you want a cracker?
Me: No thanks, not right now.
O: Well, if you do, come on over to the Cracker Cafe!

We are eating lunch at Wendy's in between preschool and gymnastics. O. is distractedly munching on ketchup covered items and staring out the window.
O: I was thinking about what all else is out in the big wide world. You know, there's lizards, and frogs, and lions, and even mountain goats. But there isn't even aliens in space.

We are in the living room, where a protracted length of time has been spent with O. pretending he is a mountain goat, and N. is a mountain girl, and much jumping has to be done from couch onto a pillow pile. Suddenly, O. turns into writer/director/actor in this scene, and I am cast as a participant as well.
O: Mom, when I tell you, you say "Hey. I think there is a mountain goat up on that mountain. I hope it is not a mean mountain goat." And then when it comes at you with its hooves, you say "N., help us!" Moooom! You say the words when I tell you. Okay...Say the words!

N. and O. are playing with O's old Halloween costume, a horse that you put your own legs into so that it looks like you are riding the horse. I discover that the horse has a new name: Cactus Landown Junk. N's giant plush horse that she got for her birthday is apparently named "Cow."

I am kidding O. about something or other:
O: Oh Mom, you sillypoke.

N. and I are at home while O. is at preschool.
Me: N., where is O?
N: Cool! (translation: school). Ba pack! (trans: backpack)
Me: Should we go get him?
N: (Squeals in delight, does a dance, and then goes to get O's favorite stuffed dog). Arly!! (translation: Charlie). Shoes on!
When we pick him up, O. is thrilled to see Charlie, and buckles him into the third row seatbelt for the ride home.

Daddy is out of town, so I ask N. what she would like to have for dinner.
N: Ack Kee Kee!!!! (translation: macaroni and cheese)
After their first evening with a high school aged babysitter:
O: I liked her, but I didn't like her. Maybe next time she could just come to play with us, and not babysit us.

O. is playing with one of his "iPods" (ie: a domino. Yeah. I don't know.)
O: Ahhh. My iPod's not working! (bangs it a little with the side of his hand) Must be out of batteries.
Me: Oh, should I get you some new ones?
O: Mom. It's just a domino.

O. is on the potty. It is taking a while. He seems to be having a little trouble.
O: What, did I eat a rock?

N. puts a cat and a turtle onto the toy mountain, which is apparently only currently home to dinosaurs.
O: N., no! For heaven's sakes, no!

O. has always had a difficult time pronouncing the letters "L" and "R". Both usually get spoken as "W," which means it is very difficult to know if he is speaking about a 'rock,' 'lock' or a 'walk.' (or I guess a 'wok,' though that hasn't yet been an issue)
Not too long ago, he adopted this interesting accent to occasionally talk to his sister. It seemed to be a little bit Spanish, a little bit French, heavy on the rolled consonants. Remember that old commercial for Ruffles potato chips where the guy rolled the 'R's'? Rrrrrrruffles have rrrrridges? It's like that, only he does it with multiple consonants. In the back seat of the car on a long car ride, he says to N:
"N. do you want to watch Llllllady and the Tllllllamp? It is about dlllllogs."
At first, I thought it was just a strange character/persona he had created, but then realized he is working on these difficult sounds. So now, it's often not a 'wi-on,' but a 'lllll-lion.' or a 'ballll-oon' and occasionally a 'lllllll-abbit' (as in Bugs Bunny).

And perhaps the sweetest of all:
Me: N., I love you.
N: Dove Ew, Mommy.


Anonymous said...

"Dove Ew, Granma" on the phone is the BEST! M.

CaraBee said...

"What, did I eat a rock!" LOVE. IT. said...

You will totally love this post in a few years when all of the pronunciation is clear and clean. It's so sweet. :)

mep said...

I can't ever get enough O. speak and what a treat that N. speak has arrived as well!

I laughed aloud at the Domino/Ipod.

Cynthia said...

Dove sweet:)

Eating a rock's funny too;)

Janice Martin Pleimann said...

Oh, these are just precious! I smiled reading the whole post!

Tina said...

I am not going to smile, ok I give in. Lol!