Monday, October 26, 2009

Still More O-Speak.

If you will remember, dear old Scout recently had some mild health issues. Our carpet is a little worse for it, so we purchased a carpet steam cleaner (Used the $100 rebate coupon I got at BlogHer from Bissell! Already got the check back!). Haven't used it yet, but it's sitting in the dining room. N. likes to climb on it. O. likes to tattle.
"Mom! N.'s standing on the pee cleaner again!"

N is babbling in a very cute way about something, and getting enough attention that she keeps saying it: "N., let's stop talking about this already!"

"Everyone knows that the world turns around and around."

"Mom, did God make even the dogs? Does Scout know God?"

"Mom, you are ruining my life." (This is later attributed to N's Barbie and Pegasus DVD. I knew Barbie was a bad idea.)

"I love you bigger than our whole house. I love you bigger'n the whole world."

"When you put your arm around me, that's called snuggling, right?"

"Can you believe it is October? And summer is gone? It is almost Christmas! Well, it's almost Halloween."

"What is spring all about? What is autumn? Why did they name my friend Autumn, if that's the same as fall?"


"Everyone in my class knows my name. And I'm not even friends with all of my schoolmates. Just some of my schoolmates." (Seriously. Who says 'schoolmates'??)

Better not change those reality TV child labor laws yet:
"Mom, maybe I should just have a video with me while I'm at school. Then I won't have to tell you all about it."

"We're having story club over here! (Begins to look at a book with his sister) Mom! N. knows what purple is! And a hat! Okay. Story club didn't really start yet. I'm teaching N. some things over here. (Two minutes pass.) Okay. Story club is starting! We're about to read! You don't want to miss it, do ya?"

"Mom, what do you think we should do at the end? You know, when I don't have to go to school anymore? No, when I am all done with school and am a grown up. What should we do together then? It's okay. We have a long time to think about it. I'm still just a little kid."


Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know we got a check already for the pee cleaner?

The Gregor Family said...

That last one is just precious!!!!!!!

CaraBee said...

I never used any of the coupons I got at Blogher. They sat on the kitchen counter for two months before Neil finally put his foot down and said they had to go. So go they did, in the trash. Glad you got to use one, though, even if it is for a pee cleaner!