Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Even If I Try...

I've been a little light on posts of substance lately, but couldn't resist sharing the above video. O. has always been a fan of music, loves to play instruments and pretend to be a rock star, but he shares his mother's inability to remember lyrics in their entirety. That is, until today. Apparently he is learning more than I suspect at preschool. I LOVE this little song. There's also a portion about a tadpole and a frog, but he would only consent to singing this part for N. on camera. Note that N. couldn't allow this performance to pass without adding her own final flourish.

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mep said...

O's singing is adorable, but N. rocking out in her little saucer is stealing the show!

Bub watched this over my shoulder this morning.

Bub: Who's that?
Me: N. and O.
Bub: N. from the picture?
Me: Yes
Bub: Can we go to their house?
Me: Sure, some time we'll go there.
Bub: Where is it?
Me: In Cincinnati.
Bub: By Grammy?
Me: Sort of.
Bub: Do you know exactly which house?
Me: Yes.
Bub: Okay, we'll go there.

I'll call before we show up!