Friday, November 20, 2009

My Favorite!

One of the 10,000 things I love about O. is that he doesn't play favorites. Oh, not that he's completely inclusive of his playmates, or even that he doesn't have strong preferences for things. Screw up any of his multiple rituals for getting going in the morning or getting ready for bed, and you'll hear about it. But, anytime you ask him what his 'favorite' of something is, he will invariably reply "They are all my favorites."

Favorite animal at a visit to the zoo? "I liked them all."

Favorite color? "I like all colors."

Favorite food? "Corn dogs and jelly sandwiches and bagels and apples and chips and pickles and olives!"

If he does choose thing he likes better than another, he usually qualifies it by saying, "I like orange today." But he will probably like red or pink or blue tomorrow.

It's a charming little quirk of his that I've always enjoyed. Therefore, I know "favorite" isn't a word I use a whole lot, and was surprised when N. showed me a book she wanted to read before bed and said "dat one N. fav-o-ite."

I don't really think it's her "fav-o-ite." There are many others she prefers to have in her crib with her at nap or bedtime, but I suppose it should not surprise me that she has picked up this concept. If ever there were a child with preferences, it is my girl N.

Don't even think about pulling a pair of pajamas out of the drawer for her. No, choosing which ones are just right for bedtime today is a highlight of her day. Luckily or unluckily, we have two drawers full of hand me down options from which to choose.

We have also recently had some loud disputes over what she will wear for the day. I try not to be too particular about my children's clothes, but I really do not prefer for them to wear character themed clothing every day. N., however, ferrets out the leopard print pants and the Dora t-shirt everytime I hide them, and pleads to put them on. "Peeeeze, Mommy! Hello Diddy? Doda??"

Other favorites:

Favorite Princess: Ariel the Mermaid. Yes, we have hit the princess stage full on. This probably deserves a post of its own, because I was so adamant that we not jump on the Disney marketing bandwagon with all its gender stereotyped baggage. But N. has disregarded all of those morals of mine and fallen head over heels for the girl with the fin. The little girl who passed on to us much of N's wardrobe was an Ariel devotee, so there is a nightgown and pair of summer pajamas featuring her that N. would never take off if I didn't make her. I caved and let her use her Halloween money from her grandma to buy a little Ariel doll, and she needs to know where it (and its accompanying miniscule Flounder the fish) is at all times.

Favorite Blanket: "Hoft Bankee" (trans: Soft Blankie) This is not the blanket I tried to get her to love, a satin backed one like her brother's. Instead it's a fleece pink and white checked one, that I'm concerned will not stay "hoft" for quite as long as she may be attached to it. But for now she rubs it up against her face and snuggles down in to her bed.

Favorite Meal: "Macanoni" She doesn't always eat much of it, but if you ask her what she wants to eat, this is the automatic response. Unless she's given some time to reconsider, at which point she may waver and say "Ice Neem"

Favorite Book: "Silent Night" She loves to find the picture of the "Baby Dejus" and all the animals surrounding him in the stable.

Favorite Color: Pink. It's the only one she can consistently name accurately. Asked if she wanted to help put candles on my dad's birthday cake, she replied "Oh, Yes! Pink Ones!"

Favorite Song: "Rocky Baby One" (AKA "Rockabye Baby") This is what she sings to her dolls and her animals after she covers them with a blanket and tucks them into their doll crib, or into a laundry basket. "Rocky baby. In tee tops. Rock-eee baby. Win bows."

Favorite Action: "Dance" This is what she always chooses during the "Hello Song" at music class. "How would you like us to sing to you today, N?" "Dance!!"

Favorite Swear Word: "Poopie Butt" Thanks, O.


Actchy said...

This post is so sweet that I was nearly brought to tears. The bit with her dolly is just heartmelting. I only wish I had a bowl of ice neam right now.

Anonymous said...

"Rocky Baby" and "ice deem" [as in there's the "ice deem store"] are MY favorites. M.

mep said...

In O. fashion, my favorite thing about this post was everything, especially reading about N.'s love for the Baby Dejus.