Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is about as close as we get to educational at 7PM...

  1. Watch N. display her stellar listening skills as O. reads the Opposites book.
  2. See her find a new use for the neck of her shirt.
  3. Witness textbook example of residual H1N1 cough (and elbow covering technique!).
  4. N. illustrates her knowledge of closure.
  5. Of course they know "Noisy!"
  6. Watch for the big finish.


Anonymous said...

O. could teach ANY preschool class that I know about Opposites! I loved "De end. De end." M.

mep said...

Adorable! O. reads with expression. I love how he repeated some pairs for emphasis and how he demonstrated hard and soft on N.'s leg.

I was impressed that N. stayed to listen, despite her eagerness to get to "the end."

Big finish was awesome.

You're motivating me to remember to take videos more often. said...

LOVE it.