Thursday, December 3, 2009

Geeked for Science

Imagine my surprise this morning when I finished up listening to my podcast of This American Life and switched over to Science Friday, and I discovered that last week's show was all about They Might Be Giants' new album.

This is not the first time I've written about TMBG on this blog. I also shared my delight at discovering them in song on the dearly departed Pushing Daisies way back when.
TMBG is the band version for me of an long lost old friend. When they come up on random rotation on my ipod, I'm always nostalgically pleased, like coming across someone from your past you didn't realize you'd be so tickled to find on Facebook, but certainly are.

When I find myself rocking out in the kitchen to the likes of "Particle Man" or "Don't Let's Start" and J. happens to be in the room, he just rolls his eyes. Yet more proof that it is a good thing he and I did not meet until well past adolescence. Guess his car stereo was tuned to Rush and Van Halen in the high school parking lot, not TMBG and the Violent Femmes.

Anyhow, this new CD follows the trend the band has been pursuing lately of creating songs intended mostly for kids, but certainly enjoyable for all. They started with Here come the ABC's and Here Come the 123's, and this newest one is Here Comes Science.*

This is so exciting for me, the secret science nerd. I've always loved the science themed songs in their repertoire, including "Mammal," "Dinner Bell," and the one about the sun being a "mass of incandescent gas."

Turns out, the sun isn't truly made of gas, so they've rewritten that last one and turned it into "The Sun Is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma."

I told you. Geeked.

*One of the tracks is titled "I am a Paleontologist" so I think I can get by with making this a Christmas gift for O.!


mep said...

Oh definitely O. needs this new CD for Christmas. He would be begging for it if he knew about that track.

I am only really familiar with TMBG Flood, but man, did I ever love that album. Never fails to make me happy. My copy was dubbed cassette of my freshman year roommate's CD. Perhaps I need to do some itunes shopping.

I love that you are a science geek. So multi-faceted.

CaraBee said...

I always enjoyed TMBG. I haven't thought about them in quite a while, though. They were definitely a high school/college thing. I'm intrigued to learn they have a children's* album. We might have to add that to the to-buy list.

*I always get a red line under this word. What is the correct way to spell the possessive of children? Childrens' can't be right. said...

I was a grunge and alternative music girl, too. I do enjoy their kid music, but we don't own any.

(Cara, I think that the way you did it is correct...)