Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

I don't know about you,
but I think this guy looks more than a little creepy.

Also creepy? The fact that he supposedly pops in and out of your house at random, spying and such.

I mean, I'm not proud of some of the screaming that has occurred in the name of Christmas craft fun around here in the last week or so. Not sure I really want Santa in on all of that.

But, creepy or not, where is my freaking elf when I need him???

I offer you exhibit A in the case of "we need a little help staying on the nice side of the list around here."

No, that is not blood. That would be SILLY PUTTY.

Here's a closer look. (And yes, it was on his skin, too. Apparently he thought it would be a good idea to put it inside his shirt and squish away. Took some doing to get it off in the bath.)

So, with just a few days left until the big day, I'm asking you, dear readers: any suggestions?

Sure, if you have any on how to get silly putty off of a shirt, that would be great. However, to be honest, the shirt only cost three dollars. How much stain removal is it really worth? I may make him wear it as is.

More to the point, I do not have TIME for this sort of incident, or the rest of the Amped-Up-On-Christmas-Cookies-And-Anticipation naughty behavior. There are presents to be wrapped, cookies to be sprinkled, JOY to be made, for elf's sake!

"Santa is watching, and he is SO not happy" is starting to wear thin, and besides, I'm pretty sure my kids think Santa is way nicer than me and probably a little lax on the follow through. So, I ask you, what do I do? Bring out the big guns and name drop Blitzen??


Anonymous said...

Time to break out the coal...

mep said...

We don't have the elf (on the shelf) either. I've heard good things from people I trust, but I've also seen the elf used as a creepy, Big Brother type figure in one memorable instance. I don't want my kids to actually fear Santa, you know?

Basically, I have no advice for you because I haven't even been using "Santa is watching." Not sure why. Instead, I've just been cleaning up messes non-stop during the day as new ones are being created.

Then, I stay up until midnight trying to wrap gifts, plan menus, bake, and find some of that joy you mentioned. I would not say my plan is ideal.

Melissa Landers said...

That elf looks like he has a dirty little secret. Check out the expression on his face! He's done something naughty, I can tell.

As for the silly putty, that's one of the reasons we're a non-playdough home. I don't care if my kids wind up in therapy over my refusal to allow gooey play substances in the door. That stuff winds up ground into everything.

Hang in there. I've played the "Santa's watching" card, too, but Troy doesn't seem to care anymore.