Friday, December 18, 2009

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

We were supposed to go to the zoo for the Festival of Lights. It's one of our favorite events, though the crowds can get a little crazy, so we try to avoid going on a weekend night. We were going to go last night, but J's flight didn't get in until nearly 7:00, and neither of us really felt like mobilizing for an outdoor expedition that late.

We drove around a few local neighborhoods searching for good lights instead. I think the kids enjoyed those lights just as much as they would have taking in the millions at the zoo, though they did of course miss the animals.

We rescheduled the zoo visit for today, but then N.'s runny nose turned into a full blown major cold, accompanied of course with a cough and her typical difficulty breathing. I knew she was feeling rotten, because when I got home from dropping O. off at school, she met me at the door asking for "fishy ting?" Her name for a breathing treatment -- her nebulizer has a fish-shaped face mask. J. had just given her one. Either it made her feel so much better she wanted more, or she felt it was already time for another.
Whichever the case, it was clear it was again no day to be traipsing around in the cold and crowds. It was more a day to "nuggle in" under a blankie, and to wear pajamas all day. As N. would say, to get "Tumfy Tozy." (translation: Comfy Cozy. I'm reluctant to claim this phrase as part of my vocabulary, but I'm not sure how else she picked it up.)

N. is kind of focused these days on the pursuit of all things soft. She wants to wear the stretchiest pants she can find, fleeciest tops and sweaters. Dresses that float are also desirable. I've mentioned before her "havrite" blanket is now the pink "hoft bankie". When she gets her way and is attired in something soft from head to toe, we are sure to hear an "Oh Boy!"
There's even a requisite recognition if more than one person in the family is wearing something soft and comfy. "Mommy! Hoft pants. Feel em. Both of us tumfy tozy."

Here is a recent get up that was deemed acceptable. Pink sweater, Princess nightgown, and velour pants.
Here are both the kids all cuddled up in their Christmas pajamas waiting for Daddy to come home. I should say that much of the delight in last night's light tour was that they were allowed to wear their pj's in the car, and take their blankets with them.

Seriously. Who can blame her for any of this? I'm so glad she's all 'tumfy tozy' in her bed, not coughing for the moment.


Cynthia said...

I don't know what it is about kiddos in footy jammies...I just love it!

mep said...

Late night ride in the van with jammies and Christmas lights? It doesn't get much better!