Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the Second Day of Christmas...

We went to see O's preschool Christmas concert. For a couple of weeks now, he's been telling me about practicing songs for this event. It's more information than I usually get out of him about his day. He has listed off just about every major carol. Turns out, his teacher devised a little medley of all the best lines of all the best songs.
He mentioned that they would sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and I told him that was one of my favorites. Now, every time it comes on the Christmas radio station, he cries out "Mom! It's your favorite! I'm singing it in my concert!"
On Monday, there were big developments in the practicing. One, they got to use their kazoos for real. Two, the risers were set up in the chapel. He actually used the word riser when he first told me about them, though later it changed to "standers." According to O. "I'm not with the tallest kids, but I'm not the smallest. So I'm on the middle step."
When J. and I asked him which side of the church he would be singing on, so we knew where to sit, pointed immediately left. Concerned he was giving us the directions based on his own vantage point, we asked him to tell us where his teacher would be standing. At that point, he drew out a very clear map with his fingers on the tablecloth. "I am here, and my teacher is here." Indeed, he was on the left.
Last year, he spent much of the performance looking for us in the crowd, so J. made a point of waving to him as he entered. There was really no need, because as soon as N. saw him in the front, she yelled out "Hi, O!"

Here he is responding. Yes, this is the boy that would NOT smile for a Christmas card photo.

And here's his angelic singing pose. If you want to see how much he's grown in a year, check out last year's post on this topic. Same pose, some of the same classmates, same angel boy of mine.

I just love a concert with kids singing. I tear up every time. When I was teaching, and the show choir would do their holiday performance, I always made sure I had pocketful of tissues. (And yes, Glee does it to me too!) When it's my kid up there, and they're singing about the baby Jesus, oh boy. The 3 year olds sang Happy Birthday, for goodness sakes. It might as well have been a half hour of Hallmark commercials playing up there.

I took some crappy video of the kazoo number, but I won't subject you to it here. Instead, here's a cute one of him playing it in the fellowship hall over cookies and orange drink.


mep said...

An angel boy indeed. What a smile!

Bub's concert is this Thursday. I keep asking what they are singing and he says, "But mom, it's supposed to be a secret."

Cynthia said...

Awwww....look at him smiling and waving. So cute:)