Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

I don't think I can let this Christmas countdown go by without discussing N's devotion to the main reason for the season. That is, the Baby Jesus. She is just enthralled by him, has been ever since she became attached to our paperback book version of Silent Night.

Of course, she's always had a thing for babies. Unless of course, it's me holding a real one. She adores baby dolls, and points out real babies everywhere we go. But Baby Jesus gets extra special attention. She has checked out all the creches in all the homes we've visited in December, commenting on the differences in sizes, and whether or not you are allowed to touch and play with these scenes. She was surprised and delighted to see that a friend had the same Little People set that we do at our house.

Ever since she saw the set in the sanctuary at O's school on the night of his Christmas program, we've had to make a detour past it after dropping O. off at school.

"See Baby Deezus, Mommy?" Seriously, how can you turn that request down?

When we went to Krohn Conservatory to visit the live nativity scene there, she could barely contain herself. "Oh boy, gosh!" she said. "N. wuv Baby Deezus. N. wuv Baby Deezus." She kept repeating it to herself even in the car on the way home.

Later, she told my mom all about it. "Mamma. Baby Deezus. Deezus Mommy. Deezus Daddy. And amimals there. Donkey, cow, and heep. Heep say Baaaaaaa! Dose heep LOUD. Dose heep hunny!"

Here she is giving Baby Deezus a hug. She also enjoys singing him Happy Birthday (or Happy Hurtday, as she calls it.)

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mep said...

She could save the Happy Hurtday singing for Good Friday perhaps?

"Baby Deezus" is warming my heart big time.