Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look Who's Talking Now!*

Some favorites overheard in the Small World in the New Year.

O., on January 7th, looking at the accumulating snow out the window: "Mom, I think it really IS going to be a White Christmas!"

O., hanging upside down from an armchair, just returned from the library, where he picked five new DVDs, while mini corn dogs are being cooked for his lunch: "Why do I never get to do what I want???"

O., every night when offering N. her nighttime hug and kiss: "Good night, sweetie pie."

O. to me after I slump into my chair at dinnertime one night: "Doesn't it make you tired to take care of us all day?"

O to me as I'm leaving the house to go to work (briefly) using a little purse I haven't used for five years. "Mommy, where is your big purse? No one is going to know who you are."

O., every single morning (and sometimes as a reminder before he goes to bed): "For breakfast, I want a big waffle cut up with syrup on it."

O., somewhat obsessed with numbers of late: "Mom. Can you count to sixty forty? How about two hundred one thousand?"

O. (loudly) "Jesus Christ!
(loooong pause, during which I start leaping across the room with dagger eyes...)
is born!"

N., when given anything she has requested: "Tanks, dude."

N., particularly excited about a fresh basket of laundry: "Mommy wash zeeba pants fo me??
Ohhhh...tanks, Mom!"

N., after I have told O. to cool it with the attitude in the backseat. "Yeah. Addidude, O."

N., about 10,000 times per day, for every possible scenario:
"Why, Mommy, why??"

N., responding to a "why" question of her own. "Tuz. Beetuz."

N., when asked where anything she has recently been carrying around has gotten to:
"I na know."

N., looking for a particular puzzle piece: "Where is dat?" (I should note that she makes no moves to actually look. Just crosses her arms, shrugs and repeats.)

N., while playing Memory, Disney Princess Edition: "Yessss!! N. winning!"

N., learning first person narration: "N. want tookie. No. I want tookie."

N., after receiving said 'tookie': "I bake in haf for ya?"

N: singing:
"Happy Hurtday to...Spot!"

"Ring Rosie. Dashes. All Fall Down!"

"Baby Deezus is boooorn!"

N:, thinking of snack options: "How bout...dandy!"

N., in another room, hearing her name being discussed: "WHAT??!??" (accompanied by very put upon facial expression)

N., after spinning wildly then falling to the ground. "Dust tidding!"

*Okay, I didn't really want to cue the Bruce Willis-voiced-talking-baby visual here, but seriously. My baby? She is talking. For real.


Gucci Mama said...

I love these conversations. And I love it even more when my husband gets to field all the "why" questions.

mep said...

Dat was really funny, especially the part about you being unidentifiable without your big purse.

Love that N. is talking so much.

Tanks, dude, for a great post.

Actchy said...

Laughed out loud about the big purse identification system. Really, so great.

CaraBee said...

Super impressed with how much N is talking! Sophie is talking but not nearly that many understandable words. We don't really have conversations so much as I talk and she talks and sometimes what she says makes sense with what I say.

Cynthia said...

Awwww...I love when they start talking. So cute:)